Buying some time

Hi friends.  I’ve opened my blog every day this week and every day I’ve written a few sentences, erased them, and closed the mac book.  At the end of my last post, I wrote that I had so much to share, which was true at the time… but each time I’ve attempted to write since then, nothing was there.  Sometimes the words just don’t come.

In the mean time, here’s a vimeo, sent to me by a client/colleague/mentor about a month ago… it really spoke to me – right to me! – and I believe, no matter what your day job, career, or passions, that it will speak to you as well.  Clear your schedule for the next 15 minutes and make space for this little gem… you’ll see me back here soon.




One thought on “Buying some time

  1. Oh Erin, my alter-ego across the seas…
    This. Spoke. Straight. To. My. Heart.
    Although I am not an artist, per se, there is an element of the creative in all that I do.
    Each time Neil spoke about writing, I could hear a different word relative to all that I am passionate about… Singing, music, writing, teaching, , my marriage, photography, friendships… you name it, he sang it to all corners of my life.

    Thankyou so much for introducing me to this wonderful address… I am about to re-listen, take notes, and write my list of life…
    to Make Good Art

    ps. bloggers block… be free with your thoughts, and post what ever it is you write.
    regardless of whether you feel it is good, bad, ugly, not relevant, disjointed… whatever it is that you write, it is you at that particular moment.
    When Neil spoke of being ‘out there’ and feeling a bit naked in the world, that its that moment where you are ready for more success.
    So be out there… with all of you, for no-one is more You-er than YOU.


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