5 things I learned this week:

It’s Friday!  Hooray!  That means, in a few hours, I’ll be picking up Tim from work and whisking him off to the beach for a barefoot stroll to unwind from the week, perhaps with a (plastic) glass of vino in hand.

Here are a few things that I learned this week:

  1. Dog-sitting typically isn’t for the faint of heart, but when you are able to sit for two of the cutest little “monsters” (as their owner refers to them), who are equally as lazy and much less high-maintenance as our own two little monsters, it can be pretty fun.  Nevermind the looks that Tim and I get when walking four small dogs under 10lbs each.  Exhibit A:

    This little guy deserved some pampering!

  2. I love garlic.  Okay, this is not new information, but when someone suggested I make a trip to a local farmer’s market just to stop by Joy’s Gourmet stand… I wasn’t exactly convinced I’d be forking over $8 just for an 8oz jar of garlic spread.  Well, I was wrong.  Joy happily let me sample a crostini adorned with her mouthwatering spread, and the rest is history.  I spent the entire ride home thinking of ways to use it (one of which ended up being our dinner last night – stuffed portobello caps with crab, leeks, spinach, and the garlic glue!).  Sadly, Joy only sells her stuff at farmer’s markets like this one where we found her last night.  (P.S. Her olive tapenade is the jamalso, and I’ll definitely be picking up some of her marinara next week!  And no added sugar in any of her products! Hooray!!)

    Like, wow.

  3. One-piece swimsuits do not have to be ugly, or old-lady-like.  I was inspired by this post, and then by this even more amazing follow-up post to reassess my swimwear collection.  I’m mad at myself for one-too-many times letting a day where I felt bloated get in the way of plans at the beach or on a boat or involving water sports or whatever.  I LIVE at the beach (um, seriously, geographically, I do), so that is basically a sin, let alone a minor inconvenience.  Sure I’ll lounge in my teeny string bikini from Victoria’s Secret when the goal is to tan as much square footage of my body as possible, but when activities like sittingare involved, things get slightly less cute, and the risk of a boob popping out or that cellulite on my tummy being more noticeable increases dramatically.  And let’s face it, ladies… I know I’m not the only one who finds it harder to enjoy myself when I feel self-concious about whatever dumb body issue it is I have, regardless of whether or not it is in my head and completely unnoticed by anyone else.  Now, before you go judging me for comparing myself, a never-been-preg-may-never-be-preg-and-totally-fine-with-it girl, to a post-baby-preg-with-the-second girl, just read the posts in their entirety and then rethink your snap-comment before posting it (or don’t comment at all).  Anyway, I’m in love with the retro red one in the middle… and can’t wait to make beach/boating plans soon to show it off, and be totally comfortable and enjoying myself with friends while sipping a tropical beverage!! :)

    SO, the middle picture is blurry, I know. This is what you get.

  4. I need to stretch more, and push myself a little less.  I’m injured yet again and I think I’ve finally figured it out.  I hate stretching, so I don’t.  Consequently, my entire body is super tight (and not in a good way) and I keep throwing my lower back out, simply by exercising.  I am strong, yes, but I need to chill out, realize that slow and steady wins the race, and stop pushing myself so hard when my body is telling me to give it a rest.  I’m taking the rest of the weekend easy with some much-needed yoga.

    This will not be happening again for a while. :(

  5. I need to be more grateful for what I have.  I make a pretty good effort to count my blessings on a regular basis, but Lord knows there are days where I am never at a loss for something to complain about.  It’s sad, and there’s really no excuse for it.  Today, I came across this text-picture below, and it was seriously a slap in the face.  But a much-needed one.  Wouldn’t you agree?  

Have a great weekend, everyone… I hope that you get the chance soon to snuggle a puppy, treat your taste buds to some good food, don a swimsuit (or any article of clothing) that compliments your best features and makes you feel sexy and confident, stretch long and slow and breathe deep, and count your many, many blessings.




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