Back with a vengeance…

Man.  At this point, I don’t even think I can count on one hand the number of times I have returned to this blog with, “I know, I’m a bad blogger, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I promise I’ll write more…”  I don’t really have any excuse other than, yep, we’ve had a busy summer, just like everyone else, fit with family vacations, trips to the beach, work, travel, adventure, and life.  Same with you, right?  20120902-131932.jpg

While I was away, I hit a milestone (30… but don’t think I’m changing my blog tagline, I’ll be forever-twentysomething FOREVER! – *Edit: I caved and changed it, only because I’m determined that my THIRTIES will be the best years yet!), and with it came a few much needed and well-timed epiphanies.  My hair grew a little longer and got a little lighter (courtesy of the Florida sun), I started working out a lot more (and trying out new methods), lost 5lbs, reclaimed my patio (from nature and all its beasts… though the wasps are still relentless), and kept a little blog… somewhere else.

WHAT?!  A BLOG SOMEWHERE ELSE?!!  I know.  Tumblr just seemed easier for my purposes, to track my fitness progress, to maintain a little anonymity, and to find a community of “fitblrs” as they are called, fitness blogs that offer ideas, inspiration, encouragement, and empathy through the struggles, plateaus, and successes of fitness, training, weight loss, clean eating, and overall healthy living.  More and more I found myself spending time over there… there seemed less pressure to always write something witty and well thought-out, and reading others’ progress stories was/is always an inspiration. Sadly, the Heyday Diaries had become my albatross, a hole I had dug myself where I no longer belonged, and where I never quite felt I could be fully myself.  Isn’t that terrible?  I missed having a “real” blog, but couldn’t bring myself to post on this one.  I was lost, and without an identity.  I gave up.

So I started thinking about all of the things that drew me to tumblr, all of the things I talk about nonstop with Tim, my family, my clients and friends, the things I have started doing and enjoying more in my day-to-day life, and I realized… duh!  Why am I not writing more about living a healthy, vibrant life?!!  Fitness, organic cooking, eating clean and grain-free, seeking regular adventure with Tim and our friends, reconnecting with and serving God, and finding beauty not just in the obvious, but in every small part of my day… THESE are the things that inspire me and fill me with more than enough passion to write… THESE are the things I want to share with you.

Hopefully you haven’t grown tired of my growing pains and you’ll continue on the journey with me as I get comfortable in my new blog-skin and do a little spring fall cleaning around this space!

Like my newly claimed domain name?  That’s right, I’m not messing around.  ;)




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