Labor Day calls for all things grilled!

After enjoying two days of family craziness with cousins in town for the holiday weekend, Tim and I spent Labor Day afternoon and evening with some friends, cooking out poolside… and soaking up this view:


Nice, huh?

I’m not a grill-master, by any means, and when I say that I mean that I have NEVER GRILLED.  Weird, huh?  I mean, unless we’re talking about a grill pan on the stove or a countertop grill, a la George Foreman.  I know it’s shocking, given my culinary wizardry, but somehow it’s always just been the man’s domain (I can’t believe I just typed that).  Seriously, though – Dad has always taken care of the grilling while Mom worked her magic in the kitchen, and that’s just the way it was, so I guess it’s no surprise that I’d never attempted to conquer the open flames.

Well, times are a-changin’.  Grilling was on the agenda for Labor Day, so why not give it a shot?  In Thursday’s produce share, I received a beautiful butternut squash that seemed to be begging for grill marks.  I googled it, and sure enough, the first recipe that caught my eye was the winner:  Grilled Butternut Squash with Rosemary and Garlic (which I promptly pinned).  I’ll let you check out the recipe out for yourself, but let me just tell you, the rave reviews were not lying.  Part of me wishes that I had just made this for Tim and myself so that we could eat the whole batch alone without sharing!!  It was devoured.


Just LOOK at this little beauty!



Just looking at this picture now is making my mouth water!

I should also mention that not only did I kill it on the grill with the squash, I also got suckered into grilling the rest of the menu… which included fresh hog snapper and strip steaks!  AMAZINGLY I did not over- or undercook anything… my first attempt at grilling turned out awesome and I have come to the conclusion that I need to go out and buy a grill immediately.  Like maybe tomorrow.

And of course, no long-weekend-celebration is complete without plenty of vino!  We are always well-prepared…




Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend!  Back to reality today… but hey, at least it’s a short week!



(P.S. I just realized, I took no people pictures!  Clearly, I have my priorities, and food is #1.)  ;)


2 thoughts on “Labor Day calls for all things grilled!

  1. Oh
    You’re back!
    this post, your previous post, and the fact that you’re back makes my heart swell so big!
    *and my mouth water so much, i am hungry after seeing your food!*
    I have been keeping up to date with your tumblr, but noticed last week that it was no longer there… and so I got a bit sad…
    and now I am a whole lot of happy!
    Welcome back to the blog world, E – be daring, be true, be you, in every way possible!
    cannot wait to read more from you
    the other E in Sydney!

    • Hi old friend! Thanks for the encouragement, as always! It feels good to be back… I’ve put posting on my calendar three times a week in hopes that writing it down on the calendar will help me commit. I love writing, and now that I’m being a little easier on myself about my topic of choice, hopefully the words will come a little easier. Can’t wait to share more of ME with you!
      p.s. I owe you an email… are you getting excited for your trip?!

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