Date Night: the backyard bar

It’s Friday and you know what that means!  Date Night!  In honor of such a momentous occasion, I’ve decided to do a weekly edition of “Date Night” featuring a different venue each week where Tim and I have wined and dined (or in some many cases, what we opted to do at home for a creative “date night IN”).  With Tim’s job requiring him to travel across the country on a regular (bi-monthly) basis, we really make an effort to make the time we DO have together filled with adventure, which of course includes plenty of one-on-one time re-connecting over a bottle (or two) of vino (duh!).

This past week we ventured out of our typical one-mile radius and down to West Palm Beach for some al fresco dining at The Backyard Bar.  A girlfriend and I accidentally discovered last week that on Wednesdays, The Backyard Bar offers 50% off bottles of wine all night… what?  Say no more.  With a pretty nice wine list (including the delicious $56 bottle of Ramsay Pinot Noir we drank for $28), a killer small plate menu, comfortable surroundings and friendly service to boot, I knew it was bound to become one of Tim’s and my new favorite spots.

While at first, we I was a bit nervous about being outside since we had, just moments before arriving, experienced a typical South Florida thunderstorm (aka, downpour in sheets), we were delighted to find that the patio was completely covered, breezy, and quite comfortable for an otherwise sultry Florida summer night.

[Excuse the yellowishness of my photos… no matter what lazy editing I did to them, they all came out a little warm.  I credit that to the ambient twinkling lights strung along the inside of the patio bar!]


I was so excited to have my blog up and running again that of course, I was that girl and obnoxiously non-chalantly took photos of everything I could, in the artsiest way imaginable (insert side-eye emoticon here).  That is, until our food arrived.  We were starving and so excited to eat that we practically devoured the first two plates that arrived before I remembered to snap a photo.  Between the two of us, we inhaled a bowl of fresh pesto marinated kalamata olives and bacon-wrapped dates (oh man, both were so amazing!).  Our sampler platter arrived not a moment too soon: seared tandoori beef tenderloin with caramelized onions, sauteed shrimp with lime ginger aioli, mini portabella mushroom caps stuffed with tomato artichoke ragout, and marinated feta cheese in phyllo.  It was all so tasty, I don’t think we could pick one favorite.


I was instantly smitten with the idea a few other diners had: to bring their own bag of marshmallows and skewers to roast them over the patio’s fire pit, complete with all the fixins for s’mores.  The bartender caught me admiring their setup (s’mores and red wine? I mean COME ON.  YES, PLEASE!), and let me in on a little secret: come winter, they’ll have the fire pit going on the regular, and added to the seasonal menu will be a $5 platter of campfire treats… aka, make-your-own s’mores.  As if we needed a reason to come back, now, the deal was sealed!

 I tried to get a decent picture of the scene, but it was a little dark, and I didn’t want to be any more obvious than I already was!  



With full bellies and feeling warm and fuzzy after our bottle of Pinot, we paid the tab and I asked Tim if he was bummed out that he had missed the first official night of the NFL football season for our date.

I’ll let you guess his response…


He’s lucky he’s cute.

Hopefully this weekly Date Night post will inspire some of you to commit to setting aside the much-needed alone time you and your significant other deserve!  Stay tuned for next week’s edition (hmmm, not sure yet what that will be… something good!!).

*Special thanks to Jamie for introducing me to The Backyard Bar!  Check out their Facebook page for weekly specials and events… they seriously have something going on every day of the week!


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