Mid-Week GNO: Wine Pairing at The Backyard Bar

With my third trip to The Backyard Bar in three weeks, you might very well judge and wish to tell me I need to get a life and find a new venue.


…or would you?

But with a special four-course wine pairing scheduled mid-week and Tim out of town, it seemed like the perfect idea for a Girls’ Night Out! Enter Jamie, Shannon, Kelsey, and Angela…


Babes. Total babes.

If you need further proof of the awesomeness that was in store for us, take a look at the menu posted on The Backyard Bar’s Facebook page earlier this week:

Hello, lover.

If you know me at all, you’d know that I’m not a fan at all of Chardonnay nor Merlot, but I must admit, the selection and pairings we were offered were pretty spectacular.  The Chardonnay was un-oaked, so it was more tropical than anything and perfect paired with the shrimp and mango.  The Merlot was… well, let’s be honest, at that point I was already two glasses in so everything tasted delicious! [Edit: I must give credit where credit is due, the fabulous wines we tried were provided by BulletProof Wine & Spirits of Jupiter, Florida… can’t wait to start following their calendar!  Uh oh!]


If you’re wondering why there are only photos of three plates… heh.  Well, after three glasses of wine, lots of laughter and silliness, when that third plate (steak with chimichurri and grilled potato) was placed in front of me, there was no time to snap a photo before I devoured it!  (As you can see from the photo of my seared tuna, I barely got a photo of that!)  Pretty soon, this documenting my life thing will come a bit more naturally, I promise.


We had a fantastic time, made some new friends, and ended the evening with dessert and sips at a really cool little wine bar (obviously) called The Blind Monk, which is a place that deserves its own blog post all together… (not to mention, the photos I took of their super cool decor, wine cork-filled glass tables and hovering globe lights, ended up a little dark – I guess I’ll just have to go back!!).

I’m feeling so blessed these days… spending time with amazing people, laughing, eating well and enjoying life with people who have touched my life in ways I never expected. Thank you to all of you who have kept me laughing and distracted while Tim has been away… as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

Another week down… he’ll be back tonight, just in time for date night!




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