Date Night: Beach Blanket Bolognese

With Tim being out of town, a week full of my own clients and social agenda, this week’s Date Night called for a little winding (and wine-ing) down for both of us. Here’s an inside peek at the Beach Blanket Picnic we had last night upon his return from San Francisco.


Could we have had a more beautiful sunset for our romantic beach date??!



Beach picnics require a dish that’s easy to eat and preferably something that tastes good both hot and cold in case you can’t eat it right away. A bowl of bolognese sounded so good to me last night for some reason, particularly with the cool breeze coming off the water and the sun going down.


I know what you’re thinking… um, Erin… pasta?? That’s where you’re mistaken, friends, because this is not your Italian mama’s bolognese!  This is the spawn of a Pinterest post in which zucchini slivered with a julienne peeler is used in place of spaghetti… need I say more?

And yes, I make my own sauce… is this really a surprise to you at this point? Come on.


Pretty awesome, huh?  It was delish, as is evident by the empty dish… which we shared with two forks, in true Tim & Erin fashion!

(And if you didn’t already want to barf, here are some more pictures of me lovin’ on my man!  I’m so happy to have him home!)


Gotta soak up every minute with him!


We might be the cutest thing ever.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with love and appreciation for the ones closest to you… and some good eats!!




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