Broccoli Soup Recipe… FOUND!

By now most of you know that I am the lucky recipient of a weekly mystery box from Annie’s Organic Buying Club.  You’ve either read about it here on the blog, or heard me talk about it in person (probably everyone I know has heard me sing Annie’s praises), so you know how much produce Tim and I consume on the reg.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I will admit, we have to pitch an old moldy cucumber or an overripe peach or something else that somehow rolled to the back of the fridge and was long forgotten.  I cringe when I have to do this, and make every effort to salvage what’s wilty, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

One thing I pretty much refuse to toss is broccoli, because we love it that much and it usually never lasts long enough to get funky.  But this week I found myself with a few limp heads left in the crisper and I knew I needed to act fast!  I’ve been on the hunt for a good broccoli soup recipe that didn’t require a ton of cream or cheese (trying to cut back a little on dairy after last week’s cheese-fest, bleeugh), and I was super excited to find this recipe for Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup on one of my absolute favorite blogs, NomNomPaleo.  If Michelle’s photos of bacon on the griddle and sous-vide everything don’t make your mouth water, you are dead to me.


The curry is just a HINT of curry (as it should be) and doesn’t take over the soup… and the cream isn’t cream at all… it’s coconut milk!! YUM!

[side note: if you have an iPad, do yourself a favor and get the NomNomPaleo app, – watch the video! – it’s a must for anyone who stands their iPad up on the kitchen counter to read a recipe while they cook, like I do!]

So before I get into the details (actually, I’m not going to get into the details – just go to her original post to read the recipe yourself… her photos are way better than mine), I’d like to mention a little something I never expected to become a staple in my kitchen.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… coconut oil:


She’s a little beaut.

Not because it’s not awesome (it totally is), but mostly because it was just one of those random ingredients that was listed in a recipe somewhere that I always happened to substitute with olive oil or butter.  Well.  After reading from many sources about the benefits of coconut oil (not to mention, the multiple useshand cream, anyone?), I bought a small sized jar (ahem, not-so-small priced) from Whole Foods. After using it for/in/with basically everything, when I recently stumbled upon this giant jar at Costco by accident, I scooped it up, knowing I would make good use of this bad boy.


That’s a lot of coconut oil.

So get yourself some coconut oil, curry powder, and a can of coconut milk… oh, and that wilty broccoli… and get to makin’ this soup.  It’s so velvety and delicious and perfect for the cooler weather you northerners are gearing up for this time of year (fine, you win, I’m jealous… just wait til January and February when we can rub your noses in our 75 degrees and no humidity!)



P.S. I couldn’t resist… here are some outtakes from today:


This, my friends, is why I have a love/hate relationship with my immersion blender. Mostly love, but a little hate. Damn you, broccoli soup splatters!!


And this is my lovely assistant, always at my feet when food happens to be the subject of my attention (which, let’s face it, is often).


4 thoughts on “Broccoli Soup Recipe… FOUND!

  1. woman, how i wish i had some time to roam around your kitchen and learn some tricks from you!
    What is your favourite meal to make?
    (ps, love the look of your furry baby – i can just imagine the internal thought “mama, please give me a bit… please??”

  2. woman, how i wish i could crawl around in your kitchen & learn from your culinary greatness!!
    you are a machine! i am in awe! i would never have imagined the idea of making broccoli soup!!
    ps – what is your favourite dish to make in the history of the world?

    • Girl, that is the question of all questions for me! Nothing I ever make turns out the same way twice (well, maybe with the exception of a few tried and true family recipes)… I like experimenting and tweaking recipes to always try something different. Tim is my biggest fan… I believe he once said “I love you more with each meal!” Ha!

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