Sunrise Yoga with Lululemon

As many of you are aware (I mentioned it first in this post), I’ve accepted a position as an Educator for Lululemon Athletica… not just to occupy some of my free time, meet some new people, and earn a little extra money, but mainly to honor the fact that I have fallen in love with fitness, nutrition and living a healthy, active lifestyle. What better a place to start a new career than with a company that promotes a culture involving all of the things I love to do already?!

One perk (among many) of getting involved with Lululemon is the instant connection to a community of fitness enthusiasts by means of multiple events each month (each week, really!) promoted by the local store. Anyone, simply by visiting their website, can not only find their local Lululemon store (ours happens to be in Palm Beach Gardens), but also a calendar of events showing upcoming free yoga or spin classes, running clubs, and even social gatherings timed to follow a particular fitness event. “Liking” your store’s page on Facebook will get you even more connected to the local events in which you can get involved (for example, our store keeps you informed of upcoming 5k races and running events, paddle-boarding events, yoga crawl, intracoastal clean-up and much more).

SO! This past Sunday morning, the Gardens Lululemon store hosted their Beach Bash… they recruited the best fitness instructors from all over Palm Beach County for an amazing and free fitness event on Marcinski Beach in Jupiter. It started at 6:30am with meditation and yoga, then an hour of circuit training (think Boot Camp), and then moved on to Guanabanas for paddleboarding, brunch, and of course, a Lululemon Athletica apparel fashion show.

Though we couldn’t stay for the whole thing, Tim and I made our way to the beach bright (dark, actually) and early to get our yoga fix just as the sun was rising.


The sun wasn’t even up yet! It was so awesome!

Now, here is where it gets awesome. I was thinking about how bummed I was that I probably wouldn’t get many good photos of the event because, um, helloooo, I’d be mid-downward-dog or chaturanga-ing and focusing on my breath and being all zen-like… lo and behold, one of our friends happened to sneak in behind us and get some great shots of what was going on. Thanks, Pat!!


We were so lucky to have beautiful weather, as it has been pretty stormy here as of late. It was so nice!


Gettin’ our stretch on. P.S. Yes, I had sand in my butt-crack after that one, in case you were wondering. It was marvelous.

I have to say, I just love Tim so much – he never objects when I get excited about something like waking up at 5:30am on a Sunday to go to the beach and do yoga with a bunch of strangers. Ha! He is such a good sport and always up for trying something new, which is fantastic because I’m always coming up with some crazy idea of the newest thing we need to try. He’s so perfect for me. In fact, we both agreed that the morning stretch session (and meditation with the ocean waves – I mean, come on!!) was something we wouldn’t mind doing more often, so stay tuned for future sunrise posts.


Me, taking pictures while everyone else is chillin’… and oh hey, there’s our sneaky photographer friend! (Don’t worry, I’ve already asked him to just follow us around forever and document our life since I’m still working on the taking pictures thing…)


Everybody packin’ it up or getting ready for some beach boot camp moves… We were outta there! ;)

After saying our goodbyes to friends who, unbeknownst to us, had been in the crowd (it was dark when we started!), we packed up and headed home for a hearty breakfast of wild salmon and creamy scrambled eggs with ghee, sauteed chard and fresh tomatoes. YUM!


Not bad for whipping up a quick brunch before church, eh?

I finished up my on-boarding for the new job last night, start my hardcore training next week, and can I just say, I am SO EXCITED to be the newest addition to such an incredible company (not to mention, to the super cool Lululemon crew at Gardens) and can’t wait for more adventures with them soon!  Yay!



[p.s. see more amazing photos of the Beach Bash right here!]


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Yoga with Lululemon

  1. Oh so fun & so jealous!
    I am so excited for this new lulu adventure for you & cannot wait to read more about it!
    Tim is such a great sport going with you :) did he enjoy the yoga as well?
    ps, how good would it be to have a personal photographer to document your life with your loved one?
    i kinda dream about this… hehe :)

    • Tim does enjoy yoga – the getting up at 5:30am on a Sunday part… eh, not so sure! ;) And YES PLEASE to the personal photographer… haha! That would be awesome! Oh, and if they could organize the photos, get rid of the ugly ones, and make albums, all for free, that would be nice also. ;)

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