On Being Grateful

Appreciation of life itself, becoming suddenly aware of the miracle of being alive on this planet, can turn what we call ordinary life into a miracle.

-Dan Wakefield

Do you ever just sit back sometimes and look at your life and all the things happening in it and think to yourself, Wow… this is pretty magical. No? Just me? I swear, sometimes when I take the time to really assess what I’ve got going, I am in awe of the meaningful relationships I have, the super cool people that have popped into my life seemingly out of the blue but who end up playing an important role to me, and the events and circumstances that have lined up perfectly for me. The more I take the time to notice and appreciate these things in my life with which I have been blessed, the more these incredible things start flowing in.

Something as simple or as “ordinary” as meeting friends for dinner and great live music is something worth recognizing as a blessing. Having a great local foodie scene to enjoy, as well as eyes and ears to see, hear and appreciate musical talent… these are things I cannot take for granted.

Spending a low-key Monday evening relaxing and cooking dinner at home with a friend, enjoying each other’s company and conversation (and mutual passion for “throwing together” an amazing meal)… I am so blessed with wonderful friends and with plenty of healthy food available to eat.
I live in one of the most beautiful places in the country… on the planet!  I am so blessed to be here and to share it with the man I love.  If ever I feel something weighing heavily on me, one deep breath of salty sea air helps me to let it go.


I am small but I am mighty!  God has blessed me with a physical body that is capable of strength greater than I ever thought possible (and the sense of humor to make faces at myself and flex in front of a mirror, obviously!).  Finding the inner strength, the motivation and the willpower to take control of my health and continue to strive for greatness in my well-being is something I thank God for every day.  My life has only become more amazing since I made my health and fitness a priority and started treating my body like the temple it is!


I have been blessed with the opportunity to embark on a new adventure with an amazing company… words cannot express the elation I feel upon learning more about lululemon athletica, the company history, mission, and manifesto… I realize now more than ever that this opportunity has come at a perfect time and was absolutely made just for me.

What are some things/people/places/events in your life for which you are grateful?  And what are some things perhaps you have been complaining about that seem much less significant now, when you count your blessings?


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