Weekend Recap: Biiiicycle!! Biiiicycle!!

It’s a rainy Monday here in Palm Beach County but I’m giving Mother Nature a pass on this one since she graced us with a gorgeous weekend… the perfect weather for taking a little bicycle tour along the quiet, palm-lined streets of Palm Beach.  While Tim owns a road bike (which happens to be taking up valuable real estate in our only storage closet large enough to fit it, and rarely – if ever – makes its way to ground level), I don’t have one… it’s just not something we have the space to store in our tiny one-bedroom (although, after our biking adventure, I might be MAKING room very soon!).

SO, after church, we packed a couple towels, sunscreen, and water, donned our beach gear, and headed to the island to rent a pair of beach cruisers for the day (basket included!!).  It was SO.  MUCH.  FUN.


Tim’s fair skin is getting used to Florida sun, but better safe than sorry!! Check out my sweet basket!!

Palm Beach is seriously beautiful.  It’s so quiet and there’s virtually no traffic (particularly on a Sunday afternoon).  Everything is so pristine and manicured, and almost all of the streets look just like this one, with palms lining either side.



I had awesome hair after a few hours of cycling… that little curl you see up front? Yep, it was basically permanent.  I looked like a cartoon.

Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t worry… I made sure to take pictures only when no cars were coming! ;)



After about an hour of pedaling, we took a pit-stop to check out the beach (and to sneak a smooch!).  The water was ridiculously calm… I can’t remember the last time I saw the ocean with no waves!  It was so pretty and blue-green.20121001-154454.jpg

Directly across from our beach pit-stop spot of choice was this lovely, modest home:


I think this fortress-looking gem is probably about middle-of-the road for Palm Beach architecture.  It may be hard to believe if you’ve never been, but there are a lot of other multi-million dollar homes much bigger, much more dramatic, and much more breath-taking than this one.  And then there are the more livable looking ones… like the one I picked out for my mom and dad… what do you think, Mom??


Funny, now that I’m looking at this, it kind of looks like their current house! Except with rockers out front to gaze out at that gorgeous view across Ocean Drive.

Of course, there are even smaller homes tucked in on the sweet little side streets… like THIS one which I absolutely love and picked out for Tim and myself… how adorable is that little gate?  This one was just steps from the beach as well.


I would’ve taken more photos of homes, but a lot of them are kept private by carefully groomed landscapes… I’m sure partially to prevent snoopy, ogling tourists (or bloggers like me!).


“Honey, they’re out there taking pictures on their phones again…”

We eventually found ourselves amidst not palms, but huge, beautiful banyan trees that seemed to take over the trail.


Banyan trees are so cool… they drop roots from their branches, which eventually grow into those big, winding things you see wrapping around their trunks.  I didn’t realize this (gotta love Wikipedia), but sometimes the original trunk will die and the tree can still survive with a hollow core, supported by all of the aerial roots it has dropped over the years.  Weird, huh?


When we came across the fire station on the island, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.  Have you ever seen a cuter fire station?  Only on Palm Beach…


After one last shot of the breath-taking ocean view from our ride along the coast, we rode back to the shop to turn in our rentals and realized we were starving!  And parched!!


It was the perfect day for our little adventure!!

We happened to both be craving a big, juicy burger after peddling our little tushies off all afternoon.  What better a place to quench our appetites than Grease Burger Bar on Clematis!  We had never tried it before, nor had anyone ever mentioned it to us… but after a quick check on UrbanSpoon revealed rave reviews, we promptly found our way to a table.



We immediately downed a pair of waters and freshly squeezed lemonades, then moved up to the big-kid beverages… a flight of draughts.  I don’t remember which one Tim picked, but I didn’t like it!  My picks – the chocolate porter, pumpkin ale, and banana bread lager – were all TASTYYYY!  What can I say, I’m a girl.


You can get a glimpse of my plate in the photo above – I chose the Ron Burgundy burger (with mushrooms and onions in burgundy sauce, swiss cheese and boursin) served “blue plate” style (aka, burger, no bun, atop a caesar salad).  I’m drooling now just thinking about it – it was SO juicy and amazing.  Tim’s choice was the Durango burger (with griddled onions, bacon, pepperjack cheese, and “durango” bbq sauce).  His was also awesome… and you’d better believe I stole one of those pickles.

Appetizing, no?

Of course, we couldn’t pass up an order of sweet potato fries… they didn’t disappoint!


Patriots fans in the bar were FUH-REAKING OUT as loud as humanly possible over the game on TV, but nothing could distract Tim from the final hours of the Ryder Cup.


My golfer is pretty cute, even with his mouth full.

We didn’t realize, until we were in the midst of a million furry friends, that it was the day of the second annual Clematis Street “Pup Crawl” event.  A few adorable pups even joined us at Grease, like this one…

How cute is she??

But I have to say, the highlight of the event was the moment we spotted these two little guys (girls, actually)… Tim couldn’t believe that our boys once looked like these little babies!!!  They were SOOOO CUTE!!!



All in all, we had an awesome Sunday together, exploring Palm Beach and soaking up the beautiful sunshine, blue sky, and salty air… then topping it off with a mouth-watering burger and beers.  We both can’t wait to do it again!

(Time to clean out that closet to make room for another bike…)




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