Friday Happy Hour!

In lieu of my usual Friday “Date Night” post, I’m switching it up today with an idea I borrowed from Curating Style… it’s a Friday Happy Hour post… just some random miscellaneous things I want to share that perhaps don’t warrant an entire post devoted to each one thing by itself… so let’s lump them all together, shall we?

This week… we bought a Jeep! While I’m finally just warming up to it, Tim was all about it from the get-go (obviously, this is HIS vehicle now). I think it was the evening joy-ride we took the other night with the top off that finally won me over…

Okayyyy, it’s pretty cool I GUESS.

This weekend… I work late tonight, but it’s Friday and both Tim and I have off tomorrow, so I’m fine with it. While Tim is enjoying his weekly round of golf, I plan to get in some yoga practice at 11am and then catch up on some reading by the pool if it doesn’t rain. Sunday brings church in the morning, and a TBD adventure with Tim. And of course, my Sunday evening wind-down with a cup of tea and my calendar to plan out meals, workouts, and must-do errands for the week around client appointments and my work schedule. On the project horizon in preparation for cooler weather ahead: a new patio setup… here’s a sneak peek. That deserves it’s own post for sure! ;)


My dear patio setup, you’ve served your purpose, but it’s time to part ways.  I need to make space for downward dog…

Weekend reads… I’m going to try to bust through the remainder of Crucial Conversations, which I own and started reading about a year ago and only recently picked up again when I noticed it was also in the lending library at work. It’s an awesome book for learning to communicate more effectively, particularly when strong emotions are involved.


What to cook… I’m all about the sweet potatoes and squashes making their way into my weekly produce share, so this weekend I’ll be using up some of those.  Earlier in the week, I roasted some acorn squash in the oven (skin on) with coconut oil, chili powder, and some pumpkin pie spice (it was good, in case you were wondering).  I served it up with some shrimp and broccolini dusted in garam masala, some mixed greens, and topped it all off with an asian almond sesame dressing (which I whipped up to perfection with my immersion blender – fave kitchen appliance EVER!).


Last night we had Thai red curry shrimp and peppers over the most amazing sweet potato puree made with coconut oil, a splash of coconut milk and a little bit of curried mango sea salt from Sur la Table. Whoa! If you can get your hands on some of that, do it immediately! (Pssst, there’s a bit of sugar in the spice mix, but I’m not going to sweat over it, since it was such a super small amount.)

What’s on your agenda this weekend… and what spicy autumn smells will be filling up your kitchen??  


2 thoughts on “Friday Happy Hour!

  1. Hooray to you Sweet E!
    Congrats on the Jeep :) where did you take a joy ride too?
    I have loved reading your happy hour
    Crucial Conversations is such a great read and eye opener… I read it at the beginning of the year and it rattles your perspective of yourself and others.
    ps. how are you enjoying going to church??

    • Yay! The best part about FL is never really needing a destination – we just drove along the beach and up and around Jupiter Island enjoying the cool(er) evening and salty air along the coast. I have to admit, having a “convertible” is a major plus for Florida weather!
      I am loving the book – though I still haven’t finished it… ;)
      We love our church – we’ve been regular attendees for over a year now but just recently made a pact to get more involved with the projects/events they have going on in the community. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you’re a part of something bigger. :)

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