Weekend Recap: Impromptu Game Night!

On the drive home after working late on Friday night, I started feeling like I needed to have something fun planned for Saturday to make up for a weekend-night spent working.  A few text messages later, the wheels were in motion for an impromptu game night with friends at our place.


Do not play this game with your parents.

After playing Cards Against Humanity almost two months ago with my cousins and friends, spending hours laughing til we cried (maybe the wine helped a little with that part), I immediately got online to order the game… only to find out that it was back-ordered (and that being back-ordered was a regular thing – this baby is popular).  So when I got the email notification that it was back in stock, I was ON IT.  I’ve been carting the box around to get-togethers for three weeks now, and we FINALLY made it happen.  Let me just say – it did not disappoint, and we’ll probably be playing it til we know the cards by heart.

As is the case with any get together at our place, I was in my heyday playing hostess and putting out my usual spread, complete with the antipasto platter of meats, cheeses, and olives, spiced nuts, roasted root vegetable chips, and chicken sausages with honey-mustard dipping sauce (p.s. thanks Shannon, for the basil pesto hummus and rosemary & garlic triscuits – yum!  And also, Kelsey and Pat for keeping the vino flowing…that’s a must.)


The winners of this round were the avocado-ranch veggie dip (made with three mashed avocados, a small container of greek yogurt, one chopped jalapeno, and one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix… I cheated with the dip mix, but who cares, it was good!!)… and the pumpkin pie dip served with gingersnaps and sliced apples (this was another easy one: mix a can of pumpkin with a packet of sugar-free instant vanilla pudding and a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, then fold in a container of cool whip – easy!).  That pumpkin dip was DEVOURED!  And I’m pretty sure the veggies were just used as a vessel to get the avo-dip into our mouths because we had plenty of veggies left… and the dip bowl was almost scraped clean!



Who else had impromptu fun this past weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Impromptu Game Night!

  1. your night looked so fun & delightful for the emotional & culinary senses!
    I have not heard of this game – can you teach me when we come in November?
    so happy to hear that you’re having a ball being you xxx

    • oh myyy, cards against humanity is… hilarious. if you’ve ever heard of Apples to Apples, it’s just like that, but FAR more inappropriate and definitely not family-friendly! we ached from laughing so hard. ;)

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