Adventures in Fitness: Losing My SUP Virginity!

This past weekend I experienced something I have been wanting to try for the better part of 2012… ever since I took a trip out to the west coast with Tim and spotted people doing it everywhere… Stand-Up Paddle Boarding!  Until that trip, I never realized what a huge thing it is in South Florida, too… lucky me!

I made plans with a friend to go on Saturday morning while Tim was enjoying his weekly round of golf.  It was everything I imagined and more… the “more” being that I did NOT fall off my board, as I half expected I would!  While it was incredibly relaxing being on the calm water, it was also a great full-body workout.  My upper body and core were sore the next day from paddling and from my balance constantly being tested.  We MAY or may not have gotten out to the middle of the inlet when it started pouring rain (HA!) but it was just a typical South Florida shower and was over within about 30 seconds.  We had a good laugh about it!

I borrowed this fab pic-stitch from Becca who is a GENIUS and bought a waterproof case for her iPhone… I wasn’t risking losing mine in the water, being a first-timer on the board!

And as if an hour on the water wasn’t enough for me on Saturday morning, I joined some co-workers for an hour-and-a-half YOW class… yep, that’s Yoga On Water, people… on Monday morning with Kim DePasquale of Blueline Paddle & Surf.  Our store was offering the Ambassador title to Kim, so we surprised her by painting our backs with “Ambassador” and giving her a paddle we had painted with our logo and her offer date.

I work with the most fun group!  Thanks, peeps, for these pics!

Kim’s class was awesome… I was pumped to learn some proper technique from her class, as well as multiple ways to paddle, but let’s not forget her YOW class – if you think yoga in a studio is difficult, try getting into warrior pose on a moving, rocking paddle board!!  Talk about talent!  It’s not easy, but it’s so nice being on the water that I think it might be something I wouldn’t mind practicing!  (P.S. I DID NOT fall in!  WOOHOO!)

I’m so happy I got to paddle this weekend and I can’t WAIT to go again… next time with Tim!



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