Mid-Week Roundup…

Hi friends! Here are a few highlights from my week thus far…

Monday, after my paddle-board excursion with work peeps, I drove down to Ikea in search of these chairs for our patio… ugh, they are so cute, non? The patio is still a work in progress right now, so, no pics for you! (Soup nazi, anyone?) In the meantime, you get the inspiration for my new setup, courtesy of Jess Lively… sigh… forever my design inspiration, I just love her. (Clicking on the pic will link you to her blog, too.) I made a pinterest board about my new project, too… which you can check out here if you’re so inclined.

p.s. go visit jesslively.com right now… she has the most amazing home decor style and I want her to decorate my life!! AAAH!

SO after trekking the hour+ down to Sunrise to get my chairs… yep, you guessed it… out of stock. UGHHH. After I basically cried (not really, more like pouted) in the middle of the giant maze of a store, I picked up about $30 worth of things that were on my patio pinboard and pouted all the way back to my car. Sighhh. The drive home in rush hour traffic (poor planning, Erin, what the hell) was made infinitely more enjoyable after picking up a tall Zen tea from Starbucks and finding my current fave song on Pandora (which has been in my head ever since they played it at church two and a half weeks ago… isn’t it pretty? What a nice reminder to have faith, huh? They played a video with it, which I couldn’t find, but it was seriously a tear-jerker!!).

Yesterday, I woke up super early to join some peeps at the 7:15am Pop Physique class (which murdered my quads, as usual), and was greeted by this:


What a sky!  How’s that for a reminder to be grateful? Don’t mind my streaky windshield – it was just a little early morning condensation!

Last night we went to another wine pairing at the Backyard Bar with some friends, which was awesome, as expected! One minor downside was that it was POURING cats and dogs, and the Backyard Bar is, uh, in the backyard, aka, an outdoor venue! With an enthusiastic crowd in attendance, we wouldn’t all fit in the tiny dining room, so the party was moved to the FRONT porch, which, though covered, was still a bit misty!! I wish I had taken photos but alas, I took not a single one because I was afraid of my phone getting wet (note to self, get that waterproof case for emergencies such as this!!). I’m so bummed because the food was even better this time than it was last time we went (and according to friends Kelsey and Pat, who have attended other pairings hosted there, each one is better than the last). The conversation was just as divine as the food and vino, so my excuse for no photos is that I was just enjoying the company! Here’s what was on the Oktoberfest-themed menu:

Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling Sekt – Smoked Trout with Bavarian Potato Salad

Villa Wolf Pinot Gris 2011 – Roasted Pork Shoulder with Sauerkraut & Potato Dumpling

Noble House Dornfelder Sweet Red 2011 – Crispy Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage Cassis Sauce & Fried Bread Dumpling

Fitz Ritter Gewurztraminer Spatlese 2011 – Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream & Cinnamon Sabajon

We had a lot of sweet wines, of which I am typically NOT a fan, but it is absolutely the truth that food is a wine’s best friend… most of these wines would normally be pretty offensive to my palate, but when sipped with the flavors of the rich German food, they transformed into something pretty tasty. It was difficult to pick a favorite course – they were all so deliciously comforting, particularly with the rain and the chill in the air! MMM!
Tonight I work late, so, knowing Tim will come home starving after a long day, I planned ahead and filled the slow cooker with something hearty for him to dig into. Enter one of my favorite Paleo food bloggers of all time: Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo (she’s responsible for the coconut curry broccoli soup I made a few weeks ago, remember? Yum!). On tonight’s menu: Slow Cooker Grass-Fed Beef Shanks & Cabbage Stew. Whoa. Here’s a few (raaahther boring) “before” photos… you’ll have to check out Michelle’s blog to see the drool-worthy pics of her finished stew. (P.S. I prepped the ingredients for my stew yesterday – which was hardly prep, more like, throwing a bunch of things together… this prep made my morning a breeze. I woke up and plugged in the slow cooker while still half-asleep, and tonight, we’ll come home to a warm, delicious meal, ready to go.)
I am taking this morning off from my workout… nooo, not because of the wine tasting last night… I actually feel pretty awesome this morning, thank you very much. I have some tight tendons in my neck/shoulder/arm and the vinyasa that I had planned for this morning might aggravate it a bit further, so I’m just going to do some slow stretching on the porch in an effort to loosen things up a bit before going into work later this afternoon. Yin (which I mentioned last week) is my new favorite supplement to balance out my more intense workouts that might leave my muscles and joints a little tight. This is one of my favorite poses to accomplish a good bit of shoulder stretch, which I really need this morning:
Hope everyone’s been having a lovely week!

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