Happy Hour!

Hi, all! It’s been a crazy week full of shifts at lululemon, hair clients, jury duty (ugh!), and new workouts. Here’s what’s been going on in the in-between!

Good eats:

First things first – the food. Christopher’s Kitchen is the newest restaurant to make it on the favorite’s list. The formerly ALL RAW organic vegan joint now has a grill and a wine bar, which I’m thinking Tim and I are going to have to check out very soon. Here’s a peek at the Dragon Bowl (of which I slurped down every last bite – YUM!).


No filter here, it’s just that amazing looking. And tasting.

Weather scare:

FYI, it’s a little windy and rainy here but we are by no means experiencing a hurricane. So everyone can settle down.

What’s going on with my hair:

I’m entering a new phase of growth that is giving me the confidence that I’ll be able to make it to “choppy bob” in a few more months. I cut baby bangs the other day to make the growth on the sides a little more apparent. I like it!  Any thoughts??


New workout:

Crossfit. I never thought I would have the balls to try it, but I did, and it wasn’t bad at all. I’m stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes, and I think I did pretty well for my first high-energy WOD on Tuesday night.  (Aaaand, FYI, I’m still sore!)  I’ll definitely be adding Crossfit workouts to my routine.

What I’m reading:

I just ordered the first of many books on the reading list for a nutritional therapy course I am considering taking next fall. I feel fortunate that the reading list is publicized so that I can get ahead of the game (and also be sure it’s what I want to do before committing to the course fee). This is one I’d want on my bookshelf anyway, as I own other Michael Pollan books, so I felt like it was a good place to start.

ALSO, Tim and I are working our way through the New Testament with a few chapters each day, as guided by our current church series, “Soul Detox”.

While I love having a book in my hand, I have to admit, having a bible app on my phone has been awesome to keep up on the chapters… it goes with me everywhere, and I can take a few minutes out of my day to reconnect, any time, any place (like while sitting on the floor of the courthouse between jury duty sessions yesterday).

I hope everyone had an incredible, busy, and productive week… and mixed in, found a little time to relax! The weekend is almost here! Woohoo!






One thought on “Happy Hour!

  1. How good is the bible app?! I adore how you and time are spending that kind of time together, it is so precious, and so special :)
    secondly, your hair… stop. it. too. darn. cute!
    thirdly, i love how passionate you are about reading about living clean & healthy.
    (note to self: when home renovations are done, this is what I must do!).
    jury duty… i think i am the only one in the world who has yet to do that :|
    hope you’re having a good week

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