A weekend to celebrate… and more!

Hi everyone!  You’ll have to excuse my absence from the blog as of late… I’m working on finding a balance with posting more regularly in the midst of keeping up with a busy work/volunteer/sweat/play/events schedule.  If anything, the plethora of new responsibilities is making me more organized!

Speaking of special events… we had a doozy of one this past weekend.

Tim had never been baptized as a child, so with our completion of the three-week membership course at the church we’ve been attending for well over a year, he decided it seemed only fitting to do it now!  He was baptized this past weekend by the two pastors at our church, in the beautiful blue waters off Jupiter beach.  It was a really moving experience to witness and to share with 12 others doing the same that afternoon.


I’m so glad I got a photo of the sweet little girl (below) who had collected shells along the water to offer them as a “souvenir” to those being baptized – to remember this day!


We celebrated with a late brunch at the Corner Cafe in Tequesta – one of our favorite breakfast spots in town… Tim got an ABC (avocado, bacon, cheddar) omelette with a side of fruit and sweet potato fries, and I got a Farmer’s Benedict (pork belly, avocado, tomato, and poached eggs) on portobello mushroom caps instead of English muffins – YUM!  And what celebratory brunch is complete without a tasty Heifeweizen? (ThinksDid I spell that right?)


Tim’s baptism was, of course, our big highlight of the week, but we managed to fit in some other exciting stuff as well… LIKE MY LONG AWAITED PATIO!!  We busted out the champagne and popcorn and had an Ikea-put-together party (just the two of us) on Saturday night before cozying up for a movie on the couch.  Please don’t make fun of me for mentioning Tim’s baptism and my patio furniture in the same paragraph.


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but if you only realized: I have spent every Sunday afternoon for the better part of a year (or more) googling patio furniture and trying to find something perfect for our space… to finally have the chairs I wanted (after making a two-hour trip a few weeks ago and coming back empty handed) is seriously the best Florida patio season present ever.  The cherry on top is the fact that Tim made the trip this time, while I was at work, and picked up the chairs, brought them home, and put them together, by himself and just for me.  I love him.


How about a few more photos of life lately, just for a quick catch-up??

Making time for yoga early in the morning, eating clean – guac and beets, my little downward dog on the mat, making time for friends and my loved one, detoxing with the occasional vegetarian meal (spaghetti squash, homemade tomato herb sauce and an eggplant napoleon), my furry patient soaking up the sun (patella surgery date: 11/19), and my new haircolor: back to something dark and rich for winter!!!


So there you have it, in a nutshell.  I’m off to work… a promotion into the Key Leader position has me in training every day this week before Tim and I head off to Ohio for an early holiday trip!  We are SO ready for a little down time together, and to spend it with family and friends back home.

Anyone else gearing up for the busy holiday season already??




One thought on “A weekend to celebrate… and more!

  1. what a beautiful post, E!!
    Congrats to Tim on his baptism – that is so precious :) does he feel different at all?
    and I Looooove the new patio! the chairs are super cool!
    have fun with your training this week – how cool is it to be learning something new about something that you love?
    Nothing beats it :)
    have a great time with family & your love in Ohio!
    I will be delivering an email to you shortly with a few small changes to our trip – sooo hope that I get to see you on my visit

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