Tea time with Erin


Hey all, it’s mid-week and time for a little “whaaat’s happening” a la Bill Lumbergh over a cup of tea. P.S. That’s hibiscus pineapple lychee deliciousness right there – my new sweet tooth fix to curb the recent carb cravings and get back on the paleo wagon… get it, girl.

Social butterfly:

This past weekend we had an AWESOME time out in Delray Beach with friends, new and old. A delicious dinner at 32 East was made infinitely more enjoyable by the most hilarious company and several bottles of wine (which we all brought in and paid a corkage fee for at the restaurant… genius). Friends Olivia & Ryan, Dana & Adam live a little further south than where we do now, and being closer to them would be one HUGE bonus to our potential move in that direction. Sigh. Stay tuned for developments on the house-hunt front.

Study buddies:

Tim started school yesterday! His first day consisted of him logging on to the computer.  *side eye*  And I start school tonight!  EEP!  I cannot wait!  My Wednesday night class will always start with actual practice which is awe.some. and will get my head in the right place to soak it all up.  So. Pumped.

All yoga, all the time:

Tomorrow is the official grand opening soiree for a friend’s semi-new yoga studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Bodhi.  I’m super excited to support her en masse with some other friends and enjoy a little shopping (Bodhi has the cuuuutest yoga tees, don’t tell lulu), food, cocktails, and sweet beats courtesy of dj Adam Lipson.  This weekend I’ll be in school all day Saturday and headed to Yoga Day in West Palm Beach on Sunday.  It’s technically “work” but also play, as I’ll be having a blast taking photos and practicing yoga outside with other yogis all day in the fresh air, right on the water.  And what could be more enjoyable than wrapping up a long day of asanas with a burger and beers at a little social I threw together with my lulu peeps, From Peace to Grease?  Remember Grease?  Yum.

Feeding our faces:

I’ve been trying to cook more regularly. Over the past few months, particularly during the holidays, I slacked on cooking during the week because with Tim traveling, and me working evenings, it just never seemed to work out right.  Lately I’ve been putting my crock pot to good use and planning dinners in advance for when I’ll be around to cook them.  This past week we enjoyed grilled flank steak with asparagus and herb roasted mushrooms and sweet potatoes, perfect chicken breasts with sauteed chard and buttery spaghetti squash, and Nom Nom Paleo’s beef shanks and cabbage in the crock pot.  While I’ve been doing better with the cooking, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t still indulging in a little froyo here and there.  Dammit.  Hence the tea in the above photo.  I am SERIOUSLY trying to kick my sweet tooth and get back to la vie sans sucre.  Carb craving = get a cup of tea and simmer down, missy.

What do you all have going on this weekend?  How are the resolutions coming along?  Wins?  Struggles?  I’d love to hear!








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