A Week’s Worth of Vegetarian Dinners: Part One

Crazy work, travel, school, study, and fitness schedules have resulted in Tim and I eating many a dinner out at restaurants over the past few months.  It was finally this past weekend, when we spent the day in South Beach, drank whiskey cocktails with brunch, indulged in gelato and espresso in the afternoon, got home around 5pm, ate some guacamole, and only started feeling hungry for dinner around 9:30pm that we both vowed to get back on the healthy meal-planning wagon. Yikes.




Time-out.  We had the discussion of needing – wanting – to eat regular, heathy meals again, and I vowed to plan the meals to get us there.  Yes, that sounds about right.

And since I’m the one who does the cooking, that means I get the opportunity to do little experiment.  A week’s worth of vegetarian dinners… will they satisfy my Paleo-diet, meat-loving man or will they leave a bad taste in his mouth… literally?

I spent a good hour perusing Pinterest on Sunday night (while Tim studied, and I should have been studying) and came up with a solid plan for the week.  Here’s what it looks like…

Monday: Poached Eggs & Samosa Hash (since it’s already Tuesday, I’ll have you know that while I wasn’t crazy about this one, Tim went back for seconds!)

Tuesday: Eggplant Pizzas

Wednesday: English Pea & Tarragon Frittata

Thursday: Hummus Quinoa Cakes

Friday: Roasted Root Vegetables with Lentils & Ricotta

Stay tuned for the recap and links to recipes later this week!



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