Clouds Part Eventually…


Yep, still wet here in South Florida.  Unseasonably wet… with few, if any, days of sunshine falling on days that I’m forced to be inside working.  Of course.

Though I can’t complain.  We have a roof over our heads to keep us dry. 

We’ve had a rough few weeks since the move, one thing after another going wrong or otherwise upsetting the balance of our little world.  A faulty lock on the night we moved in, misplaced (important) mail, ordering the wrong furniture, utility service appointments being missed, sick dogs, and multiple more-than-minor inconveniences added to the pile.  I don’t even remember what the final straw was that broke the camel’s back last night, but it resulted in me counting off every single thing that has gone awry, a list that seemed to go on for ten minutes.  My peace and my patience has never been more tested.

Tim stared back and me and smiled, and, as we often do for each other, offered an enlightened perspective.

If we could categorize our complaints, my ten-minute list would fall into the trivial “material” pile, and could be countered with a hearty dose of gratitude for whatever it was we had to complain about in the first place.

Wrong couches? Hey, we have a roof over our heads, a nice solid floor, and a cozy shag rug that will do just fine until the right ones arrive in a couple months.

School books getting mailed to the wrong address? At least we have a physical mailing address… and the luxury to advance our education.

Sick dogs? We can afford a veterinarian, and the unconditional love we get back from these pups is worth any vet bill.

Crappy customer service? We’re so grateful for our own integrity and for those who do provide amazing service… and even more grateful that we don’t have to field those complaint calls! ;)

Once we got into the “gratitude-counter” game, we began to forget the month of complaints all together and started realizing just how many wonderful things had happened to us since we moved here.

We’ve made as many friends, if not more, in a single month than we did in two years of living in our previous city.  We’re already on a first-name basis with staff at most of the local shops and restaurants.

eating house

We’ve spent nights talking until 2am with strangers (now, great friends) who have connected us with even more amazing friends, a church, and teaching opportunities (for me). This past weekend, we bonded with neighbors at the pool and spent the afternoon with them on a road trip to a legendary fruit stand, enjoyed milkshakes and fresh mangoes, and had a hilarious ride home.

Robert Is Here

We are never at a loss for things to do, friends to spend time with, good wine to drink, good food to eat, or laughs to share.  There is so much to explore and so much adventure to be experienced, and we are just beginning!

This week if you find yourself faced with (yet another) cloudy day, just remember that those clouds will soon part, and until they do, there’s always a rainbow somewhere… you just have to be open to seeing it.




One thought on “Clouds Part Eventually…

  1. this makes my heart so warm and fuzzy!
    while i am sad to hear that things went awry for you, I am so happy for gratitude counting and the perspective it provided.
    thankyou for redirecting me (through your words) to my own rainbow that awaits some ‘gratitude’

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