Private Yoga Sessions: This Could Be YOU!


Rest easy in savasana knowing you’ve had a complete, customized practice!

Have you ever been in a yoga class, stretching out on your mat in triangle or warrior II or even downward dog and, though you’re hanging on to your teacher’s every cue, you’re still wondering if you’re doing it right? And with at minimum a handful of other people in your class, you’re not exactly getting your teacher’s undivided attention.

But what if you could?

I’ve recently been guiding more and more private practice sessions and I’ve fallen in love with them.  Guiding a student through a private practice is amazing on so many levels.  Not only am I able to customize the practice for the student based on their physical or emotional needs (Tight hamstrings? I’ve got just the sequence. Feeling tired? Let’s ease into something energizing.), but I’m also able to help the student access postures in ways they never knew they could.  With a little more individualized attention and hands-on assistance, I’ve been able to watch bodies lengthen and open up in a single hour… it’s incredible to witness on my end, and empowering and healing to experience first-hand.

Why not see for yourself?  Learn more about private sessions here, and fill out the contact form to set up a free consultation.

Hope to see you on your mat very soon!



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