Paleo Cookbook Roundup

Gooooood morning, sunshines!!!  I have loads of energy today and I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for life.  Whoa.  I know.  I haven’t even finished my cup of tea!

As many of you in my life and on the interwebs are aware, I’ve been working toward obtaining my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association.  I’m a few months into the program and loving every juicy morsel of information thrown my way… there are seriously days where I sit at my computer for 8 hours just watching and re-watching the course videos and scribbling notes and pausing, rewinding, listening more closely… it’s like crack to me, I just can’t get enough.  Sigh… remember when I used to pass the lonely evenings watching nutritional documentaries on Netflix when Tim used to have to travel for work all the time?  Well, it’s kind of like that, only WAY better, because at the end of 9 months, I’ll have a certificate to show for the wealth of information that has been pumped into my brain, in concentrated form, for nearly a year.  It’s pretty awesome.

For the past week I’ve been studying blood sugar regulation (and dysfunction) and, as with the majority of the information I’ve taken in since the course began, I’ve been delighted to find that this module leans heavily in support of a Paleo or Primal-style diet.  It has been such a great feeling to know that the diet* Tim and I have adopted and adhered to for over a year now (or, at least, one we try to adhere to at least 80% of the time) is truly the diet on which our bodies are designed to function and on which we can expect to achieve an optimal level of health.  Yay for us!
Anyway, all of this information in support of the Paleo diet has lit me up once again and inspired me to get creative in the kitchen.  If you know me and I’ve cooked for you recently, you’ll know that my most recent obsession has been my Well Fed cookbook, full of AH.MAZ.ING. paleo recipes that are ALL packed with crazy-good flavor (I’m salivating just thinking of the pad thai, which I make nearly once a week).  I’ve already cooked my way through that book and I’m ready for more!!  So I spent some time yesterday poking around some of my favorite paleo-foodie blogs and found a zillion cookbooks, but narrowed it down to my top 3, which I promptly purchased and should be arriving tomorrow (thank you Amazon Prime membership!).  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, of the blog Against All Grain.  Danielle healed herself from a debilitating auto-immune disease by adopting a grain- and dairy-free diet… check out her story – it’s really inspiring, and a testimony to the truth behind using food as medicine (when her doctors told her that what she ate wasn’t a factor in her disease… hmmm).

against all grain

2. OMG, that’s Paleo? by Juli Bauer, otherwise known as the hilarity behind the paleo-foodie blog, PaleOMG.  Juli’s posts are totally random and ADD and I love her for that… but I mostly love that she’s honest and real and imperfect and isn’t afraid to share that with the world.  OH, and her recipes online are pretty bomb, too.  Of course I wanted to invest in this little gem for my cookbook collection.


And, 3. Nom Nom Paleo, Food for Humans, by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong, gurus behind the first paleo-foodie blog I ever followed, Nom Nom Paleo.  This baby isn’t quite available yet, but it’s available on pre-order from Amazon and should arrive in December, so I figured, why not get it while I’m thinking about it.  Go big or go home, right?


That should hold me over for a while, don’t you think?  I am so excited to get them and I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing some of the results of cooking my way through these books with you!  Stay tuned (and hungry!)



*P.S. When I say “diet”, in this post and every post… I don’t mean “diet” as in, “I’m on a diet to lose weight, etc.”… “Diet” for me means a way of eating, a way of life, and not a quick fix or something that will end or change after a given period of time.  Clear? Crystal? Good.


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