2014… Commitment: ADVENTURE!

i want to be

This morning, unlike many mornings past where I had been quick to snooze the alarm and pull the sheets over my head… this morning, the first of many mornings to come in 2014 and beyond… this morning I woke up with excitement.




What is to come?  

Tim and I spent a good majority of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day morning dancing around the kitchen to my new favorite song (and quite possibly my newly-claimed life theme song), American Authors’ The Best Day of My Lifeand having New Year’s-y conversations, remembering all the fun things we did this year (like bicycling through the Everglades in the middle of the night, venturing out to SanFrancisco and wine country for a long weekend, and hopping into a car for a random road trip to the Carolinas, among other adventures), thinking about where we were last year at this time (still living in our old apartment, Tim still working his old job and traveling across the country every other week), and of course, talking about all the things we wanted to do, or start doing, in 2014…

Another year, another adventure.  More adventure.

We know this year has a LOT in store for us.  In a few months we’ll be living in a new home in a new state, a new, unfamiliar city with lots to explore and discover.  We’ll be seeing old friends and making new friends.  We’ll likely be home-OWNERS this time around… which means we’ll have lots of new responsibilities, lots of fixing-upping, lawn-mowing, mortgage-paying, and everything else that comes with owning a home.  If it’s in the cards, we’ll probably be having a baby this year, too (insert wide-eyed emoticon here).  That’s a LOT OF CHANGE, and a lot of growing up for the two of us kids-at-heart in their 30s (that’s right, Tim, you turn 30 this year!).

With the potentially mind-numbing day-to-day “grown-up” routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat right around the corner, we both agreed that this year we would COMMIT TO ADVENTURE!  We’re committed to having experiences and to LIVING life to the fullest versus just getting caught in the endless spinning of the hamster wheel.

On the heels of a weekend spent learning how to drive a motorcycle and getting his license to legally do so, Tim has a spark for wanting to learn new things… things like how to play the piano and take golf lessons from a pro.  I’m with him!  I’m ready to learn some new things, too… to SERIOUSLY learn how to use the camera I bought nearly a year ago (and on which I have taken maybe a total of 40 bad pictures), to make homemade kombucha instead of spending a fortune on it at Whole Foods, and to learn to climb, something I said I wanted to do over two summers ago when I really started getting into fitness.

A new year usually brings reflection on the time that has passed, how fast a year can go, the accomplishments that have been achieved in that time, blah, blah, blah.  That’s wonderful.  But nothing is more exhilarating than the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start, the first blank page of the book that is the rest of your life.  Well, get out your paper-mates, pals, because today, we start setting some goals.

During my stint with lululemon athletica, I picked up some powerful life tools that I hold near and dear to my heart, and from which I think everyone can benefit.  Ready?  Here are some of my favorite tidbits from good ol’ lulu that will kick-start your 2014 (follow the links for specific how-to’s):

Write your ten-year vision.  How can you start setting goals if you don’t have an idea of where you want them to take you?  Block out 10 minutes of your day to sit down, close your eyes, and envision what you truly want your life to be in ten years… how you want to feel, people you want to share it with… all of it!  Then, put pen to paper so you’ve got the evidence.

Set some goals.  Lululemon has a specific strategy for creating powerful goals and there’s a reason they take the time to coach all of their employees how to do it.  It’s a great feeling when you can fill out

Fired up yet?  Thirsty for more?  Why not go whole hog and set a goal to ACCOMPLISH those goals… one goal a month for an entire year.  Enter the 30-day-challenge-a-month challenge… an inspiring idea from one lululemon educator that took the concept of goal-setting (and goal-crushing, as the ‘lemons call it) to a whole new level.

Happy New Year, friends.  May your 2014 – and the rest of your life – be filled with joy and laughter and accomplishment and ADVENTURE, one month at a time!







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