Don’t Call Me Puddin’

Goooood morning, fellows of the interworldwideweb.  Who here is getting bored of eggs and bacon or any variety of paleo baked good for breakfast? Right. Second question: who here loves pudding?  What about something that is sort of the consistency of pudding with little bits of crunch-slash-goo, not terribly unlike tapioca, aside from the mild grit-feeling bite that you’ll get from time to time.

HA, am I selling it or what?

chia seeds

Okay, by now, unless you live in a hole a hole that does not know the likes of Pinterest or the interwebs in general, you’ve heard of this magical healthy treat known as chia seed pudding.  I was skeptical – I will admit.  The idea of a little seed that looks like a tiny dinosaur egg (see photo – I took that picture, btw, not lying) growing a slimy outer coating when allowed to sit for an extended period of time in your liquid of choice… seemed a little weird.  And yes, we’re talking about the chia seeds from the 80s phenomenon…

Side note: since when do pigs grow fur like that...?

Yep, same seeds. Side note: since when do pigs grow fur like that…? 

Chia was first introduced to me during my yoga teacher training.  A fellow yogi student was raving about how delicious her homemade chia pudding was and I was intrigued.  Kind of like how I was intrigued by kombucha and coconut water and ghee and coconut butter and a million other weird-at-first-until-you-try-them things.  Anywhooo, my first up close and personal encounter with chia was later that same day with a bottle of GT’s chia+kombucha, a glorious concoction I picked up at Whole Foods (which was probably $7, just sayin’):

black chia gts


I was basically in love from the first cautious sip-turned-gulp of tart, slightly fizzy, tapioca-textured goodness and believe I instagrammed a photo of the label with the caption: “If black chia is wrong, I don’t want to be right”… or something equally cheesy.  As I type this, I realize my sister is somewhere reading and cringing and most likely gagging at the idea of slurping down something like fizzy, tangy, runny tapioca pudding-gel… she has a thing with textures.  It makes me el-oh-el every time I type out a description of this stuff because I secretly envision her reaction. Ha!  Love you, Rach. Winky face.

chia pudding

ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT, let’s get down to the biz.  What’s so great about chia?  For starters, it’s packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and protein.  On top of all that good-for-you stuff, it’s been known to help regulate appetite (helps you feel full) and improve blood pressure, improve your sleep, and improve your mood! Um, okay. Sign me up!

So here you have it: my version of chia seed pudding, slightly modified from a few recipes I found on the blogosphere earlier this week, and packed with a little extra protein punch from the help of my new favorite protein powder, tera’s whey. (Another side note: tera’s whey is super clean and slow-processed super carefully so as not to destroy what’s good about the protein and create nasty bi-products that aren’t so good for you, and comes in not only an organic variety, but a goat’s milk variety AND an rBGH-free variety.  OH, and it doesn’t taste like garbage or fake sweeteners like most “good for you” protein powders do – phew!).

Banana Cream Chia Seed Pudding

1 can organic coconut milk

2 ripe bananas

2 scoops tera’s whey (I used the bourbon vanilla, but chocolate would be delish, too)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

4 Tbsp chia seeds

Mix the first five ingredients in a blender until well combined.  Add the chia seeds and give your blender a few quick pulses just to evenly distribute the chia seeds, but not to pulverize them… unless you like that sort of thing.  I like ’em whole.  I split the mixture between two mason jars and left it in the fridge overnight to chill/gel/pud’/whatever.  And then I ate that stuff for breakfast like it was goin’ out of style!  (Makes 4 servings.)

The best part – you don’t need any added sweetener because the banana takes care of that.

banana chia pudding

What are you eating for breakfast these days?




4 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Puddin’

  1. Guhhhhh. I have goosebumps just *thinking* about this. Tangy + fizzy + bumpy + gelatinoOOOH MY GOD HELP ME.

    I distinctly remember describing something to you, once, by saying “it’s like when I touch suede, EXCEPT WORSE.” Congrats on making that list. Again.


    • HA! Initially I had included something about when you touch suede but didn’t think anybody would get it without the accompanying facial expression. You are… somethin’ else.

  2. Oh, and: these days for breakfast I’m alternating these two marvelous handheld meals… a slice of whole grain toast with 1/4-1/3 avocado smashed on top, sprinkled with a little cracked pepper… or a toasted whole grain waffle with a tablespoon each of part-skim ricotta and all-natural raspberry preserves. Not paleo, but totally perfect for my purposes!

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