Be A Gym Rat

2014-01-14 21.38.02

Or not.

I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite internet workouts… mostly because I wanted to have them all in one place for myself to refer to, but I figured y’all would enjoy this little compilation as well.  Who wouldn’t?  Most of these are free, with the exception of YogaGlo because, let’s be honest, I can’t not include it.

I say “or not” because not all of these workouts require a legit gym membership.  But in the event that you do have one, and you enjoy throwing around a pair of dumbbells or can’t resist checking yourself out in the giant mirror as you do one-legged barbell dead lifts (done it), rest assured, I’ve got you covered.

Side note: I wasn’t paid for any of these endorsements… they’ve all been tried and tested over the years by yours truly and come with an honest recommendation!

  1. Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer.  (for the gym) You’ve probably heard me talk about this one more than once.  It’s my #1 go-to, the one I always come back to, particularly if I’ve spent any amount of time off from working out. Why? Because I hate cardio. Lucky for me, this program starts off with an entire month of strength training ONLY, to get your body ready for month two, where cardio is added into your workouts throughout the week.  That first month is crucial – I develop the habit of going to the gym in the first 30 days doing something I enjoy (lifting weights), and add in the part I don’t enjoy so much after I’m already in the habit of going to the gym… so I might as well do the cardio… genius. (This is really the only workout listed here that includes any amount of cardio, aside from BodyRock which includes quick, interval bursts of cardio like burpees and jumping jacks, etc.)  The workouts in the LiveFit Trainer are fairly simple, and fairly quick, so you don’t spend hours in the gym, because, who has that kind of time?  (Side note: Guys? This isn’t just for the ladies!)
  2. The New Rules of Lifting (For Women). (for the gym) Don’t worry fellas, they have one for you, too. This is not technically a website – it’s book, but it’s worth having on your shelf if you truly want to learn how to lift weights the right way to avoid injuring yourself and most importantly, to get the most out of your workouts. Ladies, this one will get you out of that silly 2-8lb dumbbell mentality, and feeling strong enough for 25lb-ers in no time, which will in turn, show up on your bod in the form of gorgeous, cut, lean muscle mass.  It’s simple, and, my favorite part, the workouts are short.  Trust me and stick with it though, you’re likely to get bored or feel like you’re not doing much, especially if working out is not new to you.
  3. YogaGlo. (at home) Okay, this one isn’t free.  But friends, for the measly price of $18 a MONTH for access to unlimited online classes, I consider it a steal.  Why, you ask?  Because $18 happens to be preeeetty darn close to the going drop-in fee (for a single class) at pretty much any studio in town no matter where you live, AND you’re getting awesome sequences from some stellar well-known teachers such as Jason Crandell (my personal fave), Kathryn Budig, Amy Ippoliti, and many, many more superstars.  You have the option to search by teacher, by style of class, by length, or by level of skill.  It’s the bees knees and my go-to choice for at-home yoga practice.  Love.  (P.S. I’m pretty sure you get a free trial when you sign up for the first time, so it’s worth checking out!) Again, this is not a paid endorsement, I just really do love it that much.
  4. Blogilates. (at home) Do not make fun of me, this is not a joke.  I have a love/hate relationship with Cassey Ho.  Mostly love because I can’t not smile-slash-laugh when she’s talking non-stop through her workouts (warning: some may find this mildly annoying), but also hate because when you’re holding a certain pose or “pulsing” in a pose for 17,045 minutes (what?) while the chatter continues, you may want to collapse and then immediately stab her through your computer screen.  Simmer down, the burn is worth it, and you will be thanking Ms. Ho up and down for your perky new butt in no time.
  5. Bodyrock. (at home) Whoa, this one is not for the faint of heart… and I mean that in ways more than one.  First of all, the workouts are IN. TENSE. and, the first time you’re able to complete a single one (they’re typically around 15 minutes long) you will feel like a damn superhero.  Not even kidding.  Invincible.  The other part of that “not for the faint of heart” thing is… well… what was once a sweet home-movie style free bootcamp workout site created by a husband and wife duo, then turned drama-, break-up-, and slightly soft-porn-filled (complete with the new main hostess/trainer undergoing multiple obvious cosmetic surgeries)… ehh… yeahhh, just a little warning for those of you not expecting the eyeful you may get when you visit the site. Let’s just say it’s not a site I frequent as often as I once did, HOWEVER – that is not to say that the workout content is not still top-notch! It used to require zero to very little equipment (none that you couldn’t makeshift for yourself at home), though now it seems some of the workouts require a bit more home-gym type equipment, probably as a result of the inevitable affiliate links to equipment retailers.  It’s still worth a gander… you may love it, just as I once did.  Let’s be honest, if my bod looked as smokin’ as Lisa-Marie’s, I would be working out in my teeny tiny hot pink bikini, too.  I mean, I’d probably be doing all of my grocery shopping and dog-walking in it, too.  Maybe.  ;)
That’s it for now, but stay tuned AND STAY TONED (that’s right I said it…go ahead, you know you want to laugh… eyeroll, head shake, etc…) I may do another round-up in the near future!
*Side note of all side notes: just a reminder that not all workout routines are suitable for everyone and that goes for those listed here or otherwise. To reduce risk of injury, make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any one of these, or any other, workout program. Anyone who chooses to participate in any of the above listed workouts assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises as presented. We cool? ;)

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