Vive le Vendredi! [Pinterest Edition]

Hallelujah! It’s Friday, and the weekend has already officially begun in our house, as Tim has a friend in from Ohio visiting for the weekend.  It’s a boys’ men’s golf weekend and these men mean business.

So while they’re off doing what they do (and until I learn how to play golf and go pro and play on the men’s tour and win the Masters and whoop both their behinds), I decided to have a little fun myself and test out a Pinterest project or two while I have the house to myself.  Who’s down for some green juice gummies and DIY art projects?

I figured it would be fun to share a few of the pins that caught my attention this past week…

2014-04-25 10.00.30

(see bottom of this post for photo credits)

To make:

Fruit and vegetable juice gummies.  One of the weirdest things I have been craving lately has been, of all things, fruit snacks.  You know, like the gummy, loaded with high fructose corn syrup, artificially flavored and colored, fruit snacks you used to eat as a kid?  Yep, those ones.  I compromised with a box of Annie’s Organics bunny-shaped fruit snacks (which don’t have any of that junk in them) but was UNpleasantly surprised to open the box I bought (for $5) to find a mere 5 teeny-weeny packages floating around inside with just a few fruit snacks in each package.  Serving size, schmerving size! I was ripped off! So I figured I’d make myself a bulk order of these babies… how good do beet + carrot + apple gummies sound? I like that combo in fresh juice form, hopefully it’ll be just as yummy as a gummy!  I’ll let you know. (FYI, there’s a bunch of different pins for these… like these adorable gummy bears and these little pumpkins – both made with silicone molds that make the finished product easy to pop right out.)

Whipped coco-cocoa body butter.  I’ve always been a fan of Vaseline brand cocoa butter, but as of late I’ve been paying more attention to what I’m putting on my skin, knowing our skin is our largest organ and whatever we put on it gets absorbed directly into our system.  With my current bottle nearly empty and stretch-marks looming on my horizon, I figured I would give this simple homemade recipe a try.

To paint:

This color, on the walls of my living room, dining room, and stairwell/upstairs hallway.  It’s called Rice Grain, and we’ve already purchased approximately 973 gallons of it to get the job done (I might be exaggerating). Now the question is, should we just hire someone to get it done, because really, we all know how much fun Tim and I had painting his office.  A LOT (…side eye).

This geometric pattern stencil.  It looks awesome on the original artist’s bathroom wall but I think that might be a bit much for my purposes.  I was thinking of using it on a canvas with some rusty orange paint for Tim’s office, which, as mentioned above, we spent this past week painting a really pretty grey (transforming it from it’s original neon banana yellow… yuck! Photos coming soon!).

To do:

This squat workout. Squats are one of the easiest exercises to do anywhere with no equipment required, and they’re also one of the best exercises for you (and for pregnant women, lucky for me!). This workout includes five variations on the basic squat to work different parts of your legs and tush, and works up to 200 squats if you do the workouts for an entire month… seems simple enough.

Obsess over this blog post every single day until my hair grows out of the pixie I’ve had for… six years! Okay, so this is something I already do on the reg, in addition to curating my own collection of pins for those awkward in-between stages. I’ve tried to do this grow-out thing at least a million times over the last six years but for some reason, I feel like this time, it’s really going to happen: I’m going to make it past mid-cheek. Right now I’m somewhere in-between her 3- and 6-month stages, and I’ve been trimming the back regularly to keep it the mullet in check. Maybe I can have something like this by October? (Um, but not blonde.)

That should keep me busy enough for now! What’s caught your eye this week on the interwebs? (Beside my glorious prose, of course?)

(winky face)




P.S. All right now, let’s give photo credit where credit is due:



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