Just kidding, no emergencies here… just my attempt at announcing the beginning of the new month in ever-dramatic fashion, obviously.

2014-04-30 17.27.56

OKAY! Here’s the deal. I was taking a gander at our calendar for the upcoming summer months and things are about to get pretty squirrely up in the Frazee household. Between our own weekend travel plans, friends and family visiting us here, and all the home projects we want to accomplish this summer, I figured I needed to sit down and set some goals so I can A) have a realistic vision for what is possible and B) plan our free weekends accordingly.

Here’s the list of what I’d like to accomplish this month:

  1. Paint the guest bedroom, upstairs hallway, baby room, and dining room. And hire someone to paint the stairwell because I sure as hell am not getting up on a ladder that tall, on stairs, to cut in the ceiling. The living room/foyer/downstairs hall can wait because it’s going to be a bigger project and I’d rather take on the small ones we can tackle in a day (and feel like I’m accomplishing more) until after I’m done with my finals at the end of the month.
  2. Replace the crusty carpet upstairs. I will be so happy when this is done!!!!! No amount of exclamation points can express my enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Have the ratty, half-dead, and poorly placed palm trees in our yard removed.
  4. Dig up/plant/mulch the beds in front of the house and plant flower pots for by the front door.
  5. Re-paint the front door.
  6. Get the pile of moving boxes out of our garage and organize that beast! It’s becoming a “catch-all” spot to throw anything we don’t know what to do with just yet and I hate it in there right now!
  7. Finish my studies and prep for my final exam on June 6. Man, will I be glad when that is out of the way!

What kinds of things are you hoping to accomplish this month?




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