Vive le Vendredi! [Let’s Make a List!]

Taking a little list-y inspiration from A Pretty Penny today… curious as to how I’ve been filling my days? Ponder no longer, my friends.


Making : headway on my baby registry.  HA, yeah right. Twenty-three items does not a registry make.  Crap. Note to self… do that.

Cooking : way too much food for the amount of traveling Tim has been doing and non-eating I have been doing.  I need to step down my food-prep game or step up my eating-for-two game, stat.

Drinking : BOOZE. Just kidding, Mom.  Orange juice like it’s going out of style.  And water with lime or lemon or whatever citrus is within an arm’s length. GIVE ME ALL THE CITRUS.

ReadingMotivational Interviewing in Health Care. Heh, I am allll business, folks.  Aaaand when I’m not feeling so business-y, The Honest Life, by Jessica Alba. You know, so I can have a daily panic attack about phthalates and parabens and toxic off-gassing of new carpet or paint or baby toys… you know, normal stuff.

Wanting: a fancy diaper bag that is super functional but just looks like a cute purse… you know, in 6 months.  Any suggestions other than this one from Lily Jade?

Looking: forward to some upcoming travel to Ohio to visit the fam, weekends at the beach this summer, visitors planning their summer vacations to our new abode… and weddings galore on the horizon.  Oh, and that whole giving birth thing. Whoa.

Playing: The Pharcyde station on Pandora and reminiscing about our quick trip to SanFran last year. Oh, farm:table, give me your daily toast and cappuccino with house-made almond milk, and a cozy seat at your community table by the window on the reg and I would be a happy, happy camper. Sighhhh.

2013-09-27 08.54.43

I fantasize about this place… not even kidding.

Wasting: time organizing versus actually accomplishing anything. Man, I am so good at that. Have you even seen my calendar? It’s a beauty.

Wishing: everything house-related was done and we could just sip mint juleps on the back deck enjoying the breeze without having to work on house stuff every. waking. second.  HA! The homeowner’s daydream, am I right?

Enjoying: owning and putting to good use a real live grill for the first time ever! 
Can’t wait to re-do our deck and have patio parties!

Grill master, Erin, at your service! That's marinated butternut squash and romane... YUM!

Grill master, Erin, at your service! That’s marinated butternut squash and romaine… YUM!

Waiting: for a legit bump to appear on this belly as opposed to the post-too-much-Chipotle look I’m sporting at the moment.
 Oh yes, it’s attractive.

Missing: Jupiter. There, I said it. I do love Charleston, but I’m going through that little phase I go through every time we move somewhere new… the whole, I miss my people, I miss familiarity, I miss my restaurants and my beach and my Whole Foods and my yoga studios and having a [home] that is completely furnished and pretty and “us” and we can just invite people over for wine and cheese every weekend phase. Ha, wine and cheese, I sound so fancy, don’t I? But seriously, I still think back fondly on our little one-bedroom apartment there and how much we loved it. I know it will be only a matter of time before we start making those same kinds of memories here. I’m trying not to get too hung up on it so that I can move forward and enjoy making this new house a home, too.

Loving: that it’s starting to get hotter here… I’m looking forward to rewarding myself after a few days of non-stop studying this week with a day next week parked at the beach for an afternoon!

Wearing: lots of long & lean tanks from Target and lightweight cardigans.  On the search for some stretchy-waisted pants and maxi skirts ASAP.

Needing: to work out. So far I’m up to walking and yoga [almost] every day and I signed us up for a gym membership this week because summer is basically here and I need to get something resembling my guns back before donning any tanks sans cardigan! Don’t even talk to me about swimsuits.

Smelling: everything… magnified x1000. #pregnancyproblems

Wondering: how our pups are going to handle the new addition coming in October. It seems right now, they are soaking up every second of attention they can get (not that that’s anything new).

I fear Vinny is in for a rude awakening when the babe arrives...

I fear Vinny might be in for a rude awakening when the babe arrives…

that I am a smidge behind on studies and my final exam weekend (June 6) is fast approaching. Time to get my rear in gear.

about all of the things I want to do to the house/yard. Might be time to make a project list a la Young House Love.

Bookmarking: a bunch of new blogs… some real life humor mixed in with some fashion and some killer Primal recipes… check out a few of my new faves: Camp Patton, Sometimes Sweet, A Pretty PennyNeon Fresh, Happsters, Steph Eusebi, Pardon My French, Tales of Me and the Husband, From Pasta to Paleo, and The Primitive Palate to name just a few.

Opening: the fridge every 2-3 hours. Just kidding, I’m not there yet. I actually had to set an alarm on my phone to remind myself to eat because I was going too long between meals/eating and getting crazy famished to the point of feeling sick and or weak/dizzy. Now, I try to eat a lil’ sumpin’ every few hours to keep that growing babe happy!

Giggling: over Friday night Modern Family marathons on USA. I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Tim and I joke that he is Phil and I am Claire. See, you laugh, but you don’t realize how accurate the comparison actually is… and how it will be magnified x1000 when we have kids. It’s frightening. And also hilarious.

Feeling: like I have a bit more energy these days. Time to put it to good use! Now who feels like painting the nursery?! ;)


What are you up to these days?




4 thoughts on “Vive le Vendredi! [Let’s Make a List!]

  1. Love Friday lists, there is something about link lists that really appeal to me – Cup of Jo also does a nice Friday list that I always look out for. Thanks for the shout-out, I am really enjoying your blog too!

    • It was the best thing on our plates that night! And much easier to make than I expected. Next time I want to try it with Against All Grain’s ranch dressing recipe… Bet it would be so good!

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