The “Y” Word

Good Saturday morning to you all…

I’m BEYOND proud to say I made it through my week with four out of five planned consecutive days of yoga after a three-month long hiatus (read about that here), with a little pre-planning help from my YogaGlo queue and a little self-compassion as I eased back into a regular practice. Mid-week I was so energized and motivated that I joined our local gym (that had been on the to-do list since we moved here) and ordered some pregnancy workout dvds. By Friday, I was beginning to feel like my old yogi self. It’s amazing how quickly your body tightens up, but equally amazing how quickly a yoga practice can feel normal again, thanks to a little muscle memory and ujjayi breath. ;)

With summer right around the corner, warmer Carolina temperatures have me wanting to take my practice outside or even to the beach. Though I’m no surfer (but this totally reignites my desire to learn!), this little video from lululemon has me inspired to connect with nature and reap the benefits of my practice off the mat. Check it out…


So make some time for your mat and get your “stretch” on this weekend! See you in a few days!




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