Weekly Cookup: Old Favorites… A Tried & True Fitness Program & A Trusty TJ Shopping List

Phew! It’s been a few weeks without a legit meal plan in place over here. We’ve had a ton going on (refer to my latest instagram post… more on that later), so we’ve been flying by the seat of our pantalones as far as meal prep goes around these parts.

This week, I’ve got something else up my sleeve. Aside from a few occasional flare-ups, my neck issues are mostly in check (aided by dietary turmeric and topical magnesium supplementation, nutrient-dense whole foods, and an otherwise anti-inflammatory diet, and complemented by consistent Pilates rehab therapy), so I’m feeling strong and ready for a challenge. We’ve got a month left on our gym membership before we make the big move back to the land of CLE, and I’m feeling inspired to make the most of it by once again revisiting my favorite workout of all time, Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. I cannot say enough great things about this workout program, as I’ve followed it before and saw just how capable and strong my body could be. It was a fantastic feeling. That being said, ANYONE can do this program. Any age, any gender, any shape or size. It’s easily modified to your fitness level, aka, completely easy to start where you are.

With this fitness program plan in place, and with all that we’ve got going on in the next month, I want to have some easy, grab+go meals in the fridge. Lucky for me, a while back I purchased these meal prep containers on Amazon, so I’m all set to make this as simple as possible.

This week’s shopping trip is going to stray from my beloved Whole Foods (gasp! I know!), and over to my OTHER BFF Trader Joe! Why, you ask? Simple! I was going through some old blog posts and found a complete 21-Day Sugar Detox compliant shopping list for Trader Joes, so I thought… why make more work for myself? This weekend is going to involve a (cheaper than Whole Foods) shopping trip to TJ, and a mass meal-prep party to stock my fridge with healthy meals that I can grab and go all week. Who’s with me??!

Curious about that blog post? Read it here, all my favorites from Trader Joes… then stock up and get preppin’!





Easiest-Ever Crunchy Raw Veggie Salad

Veggie salad

Stop. Just stop. Whatever you’re doing right now, whatever excuse you have for not eating more veggies, all of that – just stop it right now. Get yourself to a Whole Foods or the nearest farmer’s market and fill your reusable shopping bag with all the crunchy and delicious veggies you can get your hands on and get to choppin’. You can thank me later. ;)

This salad is SO AWESOME – I added it to my weekly cookup and made a big batch this past Sunday so we would have it in the fridge for the week. I had really been feeling like I needed more veggies in my life, especially throughout the day when I was pressed for time and didn’t have something ‘ready-to-eat’ already in the fridge and instead was downing a bag of plantain chips or grabbing something equally not-as-healthy-as-vegetables (ahem – chocolate) to satisfy my snacking urges. The raw veggies in this salad really soak up the dressing and become tender and flavorful… and because it’s so easy to throw together (and makes it easy to get in more veggies at every meal), it will probably become a staple in your fridge! SO GO MAKE IT RIGHT NOW!

Crunchy Raw Veggie Salad

What you’ll need:

  • Any/All of the following veggies, chopped to uniform bite-size
    • Broccoli
    • Cauliflower
    • Carrots (love those jumbo rainbow ones!)
    • Crimini/mini portobello or white button mushrooms
    • Bell pepper (any color, but I love red)
  • Kalamata olives
  • Feta or parmesan cheese – if you tolerate dairy
  • Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing (or your own favorite squeaky clean vinaigrette – Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic is my #1. Use as much as you feel is appropriate)

What to do:

Toss your chopped veggies into a giant mixing bowl along with the olives and feta cheese. Dress your veggies with the Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing and don’t be shy! Really coat them up good – be generous with your dressing. Toss everything to coat well. Refrigerate and enjoy!

This salad is best after the veggies have had a chance to marinate, a few hours or so.