Meet Erin

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I’m Erin.

I’m a wife and a mom, a yogi & yoga teacher, a legit certified nutritional therapist, a licensed hair stylist, and a writer. SO, a little bit of everything!

Sigh.  Oh, The Heyday Diaries.  How many hills and valleys we’ve traversed together!  Where to even begin?!

My story probably sounds familiar to you.  I was raised by sweet, loving parents who told me (and still tell me) I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up.  I did grow up (sort of), that promise still fresh in my mind, I went to college, got my BA in English and Creative Writing, and got an entry-level job sitting at a desk, crunching numbers (um, what?) for a fancy big-name jelly company.  The OCD in me was awesome at it, but the satisfaction I got from a job well done was far less than purpose-fulfilling.  I flew the coop fled the state, headed south to Florida, and found a big-name resort gig that looked shiny on my resume, but again, my worldly search for fulfillment wasn’t satisfied.  So after a brief stint planing events with a national non-profit, I started a high-end event-planning business of my own… doing something that sounded fun and glamourous but was in reality, one hot mess of a nightmare.  I was unhappy, and always searching for something else.

Fast-forward a few years, a handful of career and city/state changes later, a starring role in the coolest wedding ever to my even cooler best friend, a summer spent traveling-slash-working around the country, and I found myself applying for a part-time job at lululemon athletica to fill gaps in my then freelance hair-stylist-slash-platform-artist-slash-national-hair-product-company-educator schedule.  I had previously been filling those gaps with a religious fitness regimen (psh, because, what else? Ha!) and with burying my nose in health, nutrition, and fitness books… so naturally, hooking up with a company so deeply devoted to “creating components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives”, seemed right up my alley at this point.  Enter my first *real* group yoga class, a brand new yoga wardrobe, unlimited access to a booming yoga community in South Florida, and MUCH more than I bargained for – in the best way imaginable!  New friends, new practices, amazing teachers and mentors, encouragement to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training, and exactly the deep-diving into the inner workings of my Self that I had been craving.  I was happy and fulfilled and I would never be the same.  With a little push from my yogi and lulu peers, I took the leap to finish something I started over a year earlier and signed up to get certified as a nutritional therapist. Now armed with powerful information everyone should know but sadly doesn’t, I’m fired up to share the truth that optimal health begins where some might least expect it: with a healthy digestive system and a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet. For reals.

Heyday has evolved over the years, following my career as a traveling freelance hairstylist and supa-fashionista in hot pink lipstick and patent leather pumps (oh, my, how distant those days seem… she sighed from the comfort of the couch, sans makeup and in ripped sweatpants from 2003), living in Palm Beach, then Cleveland, then Miami, then Charleston, South Carolina. Most of the “what I wore Wednesday” and “how-Tuesday” posts are long gone, having been replaced by healthy recipe posts, nutrition tidbits, and workout tips… but as I enter this next phase of my life, back in my old familiar stomping grounds of South Florida, and charting new-to-me territory as a new mom, you can expect that some personal posts will be creeping their way back into the Heyday Diaries.  And that, I think, is a good thing.


So stay tuned.  I’m hoping you’ll like what you find here, and perhaps even get inspired to make some things of your own happen, too.  Ciao for now.




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