Coming soon!

I’m working on putting together a few places for you to spend your hard-earned dough if the mood strikes you… namely:

  1. Biotics Research – You probably already know I work exclusively with Biotics Research for the majority of my supplement recommendations, so this will be an easy spot for you to order.
  2. Young Living – If you hear (/read) me talking about essential oils, this is why. I’ve recently fallen in love with them, and Young Living is the only company I’d feel comfortable ordering from.
  3. For everything else, a link to all my favorites – I tend to talk a lot about things I love, whether it’s a baby-wearing wrap, a deck of meditation cards, or a new favorite kitchen appliance… so why not group these under categories so you can easily find and shop them? I’m so excited about this!

Check back soon for an actual functioning shop!