Weekend FOODIE Recap… and What’s in Store This Week!

Gooood afternoon, fair people of the interweb! Can you even believe it’s already Monday again?! The weekend flew by, as usual.

This happened to be one of three weekends we’ve been able to enjoy alone as a couple since moving into our new house mid-March (hard to believe!). Between visitors and travel, we really needed a weekend of quality time to ourselves, and this weekend delivered.

Since Tim was out of town almost all of last week, we enjoyed a much needed date night (Whaaaat?! Remember those!?!!) at a new-to-us and sort-of-new-to-Sullivan’s-Island restaurant called The Obstinate Daughter. It. Was. Awesome. First of all, they had me at atmosphere – from the nautical rope light fixtures to raw wood, rustic-industrial accents with plush seating and perfectly out-of-place Steve Miller Band and other classic rock playing at a volume high enough to make patrons have to speak up to hear each other… it was pretty perfect.  Custom creative cocktails (in which I did not partake, but I did sip Tim’s) and a simple but SUPER TASTY menu loaded with local ingredients and foodie hot-items like ramps, sorghum, and farm fresh eggs (runny), made this local gem rocket to the top of my new favorite restaurants list. We had the Local Lettuce, Clammer Dave’s Baked Clams, and the Old Danger pizza (which rivals a favorite back home – the Sunnyside at Bar Cento in Cleveland – NOTHING will ever replace you, Sunnyside, but Old Danger was preeeetty good). Love, love, LOVED it. YUM.

photo courtesy of Yelp.com

photo courtesy of Yelp.com – click for link.

Side note: get a reservation – we lucked out somehow and snagged a table… they were supposedly booked up til 10pm when we arrived around 7:30. I secretly think the sweet sorority sister hostesses felt sorry for making the pregnant chick stand… umm, totally fine with using the bump to get seated faster.

Saturday we spent painting the nursery, transforming it from its old, dingy, yellow-orangey tan, to bright and breezy Sherwin Williams “Sprout”. I’m not totally done with the transformation, obviously (hellooo, I need a crib in that crib, a not-hideous light fixture [not pictured], and some stuff on the walls!), but here’s a sneak peek. In case you’re curious, find my inspiration for color scheme here.

Orangey-tan walls... gag.  Also, don't you love my cut-in? I forgot to take a "real" before pic.

Orangey-tan walls… gag. Also, don’t you love my cut-in? I forgot to take a “real” before pic.


2014-05-12 18.30.02

I love me a good side note: I’m transforming that chair into a rocker courtesy of a tutorial I found on Pinterest… and also, sorry for the sort of dark pic… that window was messing with me.

I had brined some pork chops for the grill that night (still haven’t perfected my pork chop technique, but they were pretty tasty), and served them up alongside an heirloom carrot and parsnip puree, and some lemony creamed chard (easily my new favorite side… I will share the recipe soon!). Tim was so impressed with my plating that he asked if I was going to take a picture, to which I replied, “I probably should” and then promptly dove in fork-first. Bad blogger.

Sunday, we tested out a new church which turned out to be a pleasant surprise aside from our initial reaction to the crowd requiring traffic direction, and followed up the service with brunch at our favorite dive-y spot on the beach, Acme Lowcountry Kitchen. They are super slow when it comes to putting out the food, but the fried green tomato eggs benedict (sans English muffin for me) is seriously worth the wait. I don’t know how, but their poached eggs are PER. FECT. Every. Time. I need to take lessons from the chef. And their fried green tomatoes are probably the best I’ve had since we’ve been in Charleston… and believe me, I’ve been trying them nearly everywhere.

Photo courtesy of Yelp.com - click for link

Photo courtesy of Yelp.com – click for link

This week is going to be a good one. I’ve got some great posts in store for you, some inspired by re-visiting books on my bookshelf, some inspired by questions and suggestions of friends, and ALL of them inspired by my favorite thing ever: FOOD! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

  • Revisiting the Primal Blueprint – why I’m regrouping and and why you should consider giving it a shot, too.
  • What to Eat – how to look at your meals from a nutritional standpoint to make sure you’re getting what you need, along with some quick and easily customizable meal options.
  • The 21-Day Sugar Detox – we’ve been there before and you know I love it… let me share a few ways it might benefit you and how to set yourself up for success.

So pull up a laptop or a tablet, get comfy, and stay tuned for the good stuff!





A Week’s Worth of Vegetarian Dinners – Part Two… A Lesson in Non-Attachment

Ready for the recap?  If you recall from my last post, here’s what I had planned:

Monday: Poached Eggs & Samosa Hash

Tuesday: Eggplant Pizzas

Wednesday: English Pea & Tarragon Frittata

Thursday: Hummus Quinoa Cakes

Friday: Roasted Root Vegetables with Lentils & Ricotta

Now… here’s what actually happened: 

Monday: Poached Eggs & Samosa Hash

Tuesday: Layered Eggplant

Wednesday: Roasted Root Vegetables with Lentils

Thursday: Leftover Layered Eggplant

Friday: English Pea Frittata

Monday, we did have Poached Eggs and Samosa Hash.  Though it was originally a paleo breakfast recipe, I swapped out the ground chicken for lentils (as another pinner had suggested).  It was a little spicy for my palate, and I made the mistake of adding in too much fresh cilantro (which made for a bitter aftertaste) but Tim didn’t seem to notice and went back for seconds.  Bonus points!  I tossed the leftover lentil mixture into a ziploc bag and into the freezer for another meal at a later date.


It’s not the prettiest… right? Though I wasn’t totally sold, it has potential and with a little tweaking, could be really delicious.

Tuesday morning, I picked up my organic produce share and as I was washing prepping veggies, I realized that, with all the meals I had planned, I was making a lot of work for myself, particularly when Tim would be out of town for at least two dinners in and – let’s face it – when he’s not here, I eat leftovers or whatever’s easy to heat up for myself.  Part of the fun of preparing a meal is having someone to prepare it for… for the oohs and aahs!!  Not that I don’t fix myself a pretty plate when he’s gone – but I don’t usually make an entirely new meal unless I’m REALLY bored.  Having a ton of studying to do this week meant, chances were, I would not be bored.

Tuesday night I sliced up eggplant I got and prepared a quick layered version of this eggplant pizza recipe of Julia Child’s.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly… I doctored up what was left of a jar of Rao’s Homemade marinara sauce (totally worth the $9 at Whole Foods – I can and will eat it straight from the jar with a spoon), and pretty much tossed everything in a casserole dish for easy leftovers.  I love making a layered eggplant parmesan (with almond flour) but the double dipping and then frying up batch after batch of eggplant slices and layering everything gets tedious, so I usually save it for a day when I don’t mind being in the kitchen for a few hours.  Putting the eggplant slices in the oven to bake before layering was a much quicker route and saved me the step of salting and pressing the moisture out. The resulting dish was just as comforting and hearty as my usual dish… YUM.


Because I had the foresight to wash and prep my veggies when I brought them home on Tuesday morning, I had already diced up my root vegetables (which was initially planned for Friday night’s dinner).  Since they were already prepped and ready to go, and since I had reserved some lentils (plain) from Monday night’s dinner, I opted to roast up the veggies on Tuesday night and pack this meal for my lunch/dinner at work on Wednesday and eat leftovers of eggplant on Thursday.  Couldn’t be much easier than that, people.


It may not look pretty but the roasted root veggies were SO GOOD – and so easy!

I was so excited to get fresh spring peas in my produce share this week that I wanted to find a recipe that would put them to good use.  A frittata was the perfect option to fix for dinner tonight… not only will I be able to easily pack it in my lunch tomorrow, but it will be a quick and easy option for Tim to reheat for his own breakfast/lunch/dinner tomorrow as well.  Again, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (notice a trend?) – I used basil instead of tarragon because I have a big pot of it on my porch (and I was lazy and didn’t feel like going out to buy tarragon) and I had a little bit of mild vegetarian white cheddar in the fridge, so I topped off the frittata with it before broiling it to perfection and serving it up alongside some spring greens and fresh tomatoes (which also came in my produce share – yummy!).  It was pretty amazing and I’ve come to realize I don’t make frittata nearly enough.  I seriously need to make it once a week.  It’s so easy and so satisfying.



The Hummus Quinoa Cakes didn’t make the cut this week but they’ll be on a menu in the not-too-distant future I’m sure.

The moral of the story, kids?  Non-attachment.  I’m a planner – I love to have a schedule, a routine, a map of where I’m going.  Ask anyone who knows me (particularly Tim) – my calendar and teuxdeux.com are my best friends, and if you took them away, I might momentarily feel like I lost a limb.  But yoga has been teaching me not only physical flexibility but flexibility of… life.  We can’t plan everything, no matter how hard we try or how much we want to.  I could give you a list a mile long of the things in my life right now that are requiring me to practice non-attachment, but I’ll save that for another post. ;)  This week’s lesson in non-attachment was brought to me by meal-planning.

Off to do some more studying before hitting the pillow… I’ve got a long day of teacher training ahead of me tomorrow!