A Little Nutritional Wisdom from one Mom-To-Be to Another…

Hey friends… happy-post-Mem-day weekend! Hope you all enjoyed an extra day off and are feeling less sluggish than me today… we spent the weekend working in the yard, enjoying a couple dinners out, and painting the rest of the downstairs (picture me cutting-in for hours after a lovely chest and triceps workout at the gym… OUCH!). I’m beat, but no time for naps! This girl has studying to do… yawwwn!

A little while back, once I had graduated to the second trimester, I wrote a post on my crappy first-trimester diet. Curious as to any wisdom that I’ve uncovered since then? You’re in luck… today, I’m a featured blogger on We’re Talking About Food and I’ve shared my top 5 bits of advice for healthy nutritional habits during pregnancy (and beyond!). Hope you enjoy!





What Workouts are Best?

2014-01-13 17.09.41

A lot of the time, when people come to me seeking nutritional advice, they have more questions than just what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  People who want to change their lifestyle, change their level of wellness, have another question in the back of their mind…

That question:  What type of workout is best?

My answer:  The one you will commit to doing consistently.

Often, the biggest mistake people make is creating that squeaky clean 6-month workout schedule spreadsheet with every day planned and no room for error (cough – no, I have never done this, why do you ask???).  So what happens to 80% of us when we try to stick to that plan?  We’re setting ourselves up for failure.  We skip the gym one day, one day turns into two days, and before we know it we’re binging through the rest of the week because, we already blew our gym schedule, might as well call it a loss for the week, order that pizza, and start over on Monday.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So when people ask me what they should do to workout, do I always answer yoga just because I teach it? No! Do I tell them to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio a day, because that’s what the doctors say is best? Um, no. Do I say, hit the gym at least four times a week and lift weights because that’s what I like to do?  No way.

I ask them to think outside the box (pun intended – that one’s for you, cross-fitters) and figure out what it is they enjoy doing.  Still at a loss?  Here’s a list to help you start thinking creatively…

  • Walking the dogs more, playing with them at the park
  • Bicycling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Walking the mall or an indoor track (if it’s raining or snowing where you are)
  • Racquet ball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball, kick ball, soccer – join an adult league!
  • Boxing
  • Muay thai
  • Acro-yoga
  • Playing tag with your kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews
  • Climbing, indoors on a climbing wall or out in the wild
  • Dancing… any style, anywhere, anytime!
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • … the options are truly endless as long as your body is moving!

Be creative.  Try something new.  Enroll a friend to do it with you – having company always makes exercise more enjoyable, AND keeps you accountable.  Maybe you LOATHE spending an hour on the elliptical at the stinky gym amidst a mix of meatheads and chicks in full makeup and teeeeeny tiny hot-shorts… but spending an afternoon riding your single speed cruiser along the beach or through the park might be a game changer… giving you a chance to log off, miss calls, texts and emails for an hour or more while you get some fresh air and see your day, your neighborhood, the world, in a whole new light.  And then the thought of how great that hour was, the great feeling you had and the clarity of your mind afterwards, keeps you coming back for more.  Success!

But let me guess, you still have an excuse not to get moving, right?  I know, it’s hard to get started, but save it.

Here are some common excuses/complaints and my responses to those:

  • I don’t have enough time.  Fine, but someone else who is busier than you is working out right now.  Wake up an hour earlier, it’s as simple as that.
  • I have an injury / mobility issues / arthritis / pain / etc.  First, consult your doctor… then, find a lower impact exercise that you are comfortable doing.  You may even find that exercising helps to ease your pain.  In addition, excessive soreness after moderate exercise may be a sign of nutritional deficiency, in which case… call me!
  • I’m too old to work out.  Okayyy.  Google “old man workout”.  Or just watch this video.  Or read this article.  Then tell me you are too old.
  • I hate the gym.  Scroll up to the top of this post and start over.  ;)

If you want to be a badass at life, you have to get yourself out there and BE IT.  Not tomorrow, not after the weekend,  not after three pizzas.  Just. Go. Do. Something.  Move your body and the rest of your life will change for the better, too.

Pinky promise.



Makin’ moves.


Hiya, pallllls. As you probably have noticed, my website is currently in the process of getting a makeover! Don’t worry – it’s all good!

Heyday has taken on many faces over the past few years, first starting out as a personal blog and website devoted to my career as a freelance and wedding hairstylist, then evolving into a fitness, yoga and lifestyle blog during my time working with lululemon and as I went through my yoga teacher training. Some of you have been with me from the beginning and watched as I stretched through growing pains throughout these different phases of my life and career(s), and as I look back, I have to laugh and shake my head at the changes that have taken place in just a few short years. Who knew how fast life could change, and how drastically?

I am so happy to say that although it’s taken a bit of searching along an ever-winding and unconventional path, I am… happy. I’m finally studying something that has always interested me and the fact that it goes hand in hand with how I have come to love to live my life is just… extraordinary. I’m really excited to be transforming Heyday into a wellness and lifestyle site, and over the course of the next few weeks (and beyond!!), I will be FILLING it to the brim with powerful information and resources on food and nutrition (including recipes), yoga and fitness and health, and living a life filled with joy, peace, and wellness.

Thanks for sticking with me through the ups and downs… I am so excited to be turning a page on the site and can’t wait to share more with you very soon. Stay tuned!




Let’s Detox!

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a field day earlier this week exploring a bunch of paleo-foodie blogs in search of inspiration to kick it up a notch in the kitchen.  What I wasn’t expecting was repeatedly coming across bloggers mentioning a mysterious code: 21DSD.  In the cases of PaleOMG and Against All Grain, even devoting whole pages to this mystery.  After a quick google search of 21DSD, I came across a million other posts from other blogs and websites, Pinterest boards and pins.  What does it stand for?  The 21-day Sugar Detox, created by Diane Sanfilippo, author and holistic nutritional consultant.  How timely, since I am studying blood sugar regulation!


As I mentioned, I try to stick to Paleo at least 80% of the time, but I’d be lying if I said my diet hasn’t been including more treats lately in the form of fresh and dried fruits, natural sweeteners like raw honey and maple syrup, and even the occasional (ahem – nightly) few squares of 90% dark chocolate.  I KNOW, it doesn’t sound bad – all of that stuff qualifies as Paleo, it’s natural and fine for you, right?  Well, yes, but when it gets to the point that you’re craving something sweet at any given time of day, that’s when you know you might have a problem.  And I’ll admit it, I have a problem.

I’m ready for a change and that change starts today (well, yesterday).  I thought it would be a piece of (sugar-free) cake, but as I experienced yesterday, wow, it’s going to be a challenge.  I’m committed, though, and I’m armed and ready with the arrival of my new cookbooks.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and if you’re interested in joining me on the detox, head over to Diane’s site Balanced Bites, where you can load up on information about the 21-Day Sugar Detox, get one of her books, and even sign up for daily emails throughout the 21-day stretch!

If you’re thinking ahead about Thanksgiving (Um, what? I would like to enjoy a slice of Paleo pumpkin pie, thank you very much!), don’t sweat it.  If you start your 21DSD today, you’ll be done JUST in time to enjoy a Paleo holiday treat without wrecking your progress, and you’ll be much less likely to trip down the slippery slope of the dessert table temptations because your sugar craving will be virtually nonexistent by then!

Let’s do it!



Paleo Cookbook Roundup

Gooooood morning, sunshines!!!  I have loads of energy today and I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for life.  Whoa.  I know.  I haven’t even finished my cup of tea!

As many of you in my life and on the interwebs are aware, I’ve been working toward obtaining my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association.  I’m a few months into the program and loving every juicy morsel of information thrown my way… there are seriously days where I sit at my computer for 8 hours just watching and re-watching the course videos and scribbling notes and pausing, rewinding, listening more closely… it’s like crack to me, I just can’t get enough.  Sigh… remember when I used to pass the lonely evenings watching nutritional documentaries on Netflix when Tim used to have to travel for work all the time?  Well, it’s kind of like that, only WAY better, because at the end of 9 months, I’ll have a certificate to show for the wealth of information that has been pumped into my brain, in concentrated form, for nearly a year.  It’s pretty awesome.

For the past week I’ve been studying blood sugar regulation (and dysfunction) and, as with the majority of the information I’ve taken in since the course began, I’ve been delighted to find that this module leans heavily in support of a Paleo or Primal-style diet.  It has been such a great feeling to know that the diet* Tim and I have adopted and adhered to for over a year now (or, at least, one we try to adhere to at least 80% of the time) is truly the diet on which our bodies are designed to function and on which we can expect to achieve an optimal level of health.  Yay for us!
Anyway, all of this information in support of the Paleo diet has lit me up once again and inspired me to get creative in the kitchen.  If you know me and I’ve cooked for you recently, you’ll know that my most recent obsession has been my Well Fed cookbook, full of AH.MAZ.ING. paleo recipes that are ALL packed with crazy-good flavor (I’m salivating just thinking of the pad thai, which I make nearly once a week).  I’ve already cooked my way through that book and I’m ready for more!!  So I spent some time yesterday poking around some of my favorite paleo-foodie blogs and found a zillion cookbooks, but narrowed it down to my top 3, which I promptly purchased and should be arriving tomorrow (thank you Amazon Prime membership!).  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, of the blog Against All Grain.  Danielle healed herself from a debilitating auto-immune disease by adopting a grain- and dairy-free diet… check out her story – it’s really inspiring, and a testimony to the truth behind using food as medicine (when her doctors told her that what she ate wasn’t a factor in her disease… hmmm).

against all grain

2. OMG, that’s Paleo? by Juli Bauer, otherwise known as the hilarity behind the paleo-foodie blog, PaleOMG.  Juli’s posts are totally random and ADD and I love her for that… but I mostly love that she’s honest and real and imperfect and isn’t afraid to share that with the world.  OH, and her recipes online are pretty bomb, too.  Of course I wanted to invest in this little gem for my cookbook collection.


And, 3. Nom Nom Paleo, Food for Humans, by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong, gurus behind the first paleo-foodie blog I ever followed, Nom Nom Paleo.  This baby isn’t quite available yet, but it’s available on pre-order from Amazon and should arrive in December, so I figured, why not get it while I’m thinking about it.  Go big or go home, right?


That should hold me over for a while, don’t you think?  I am so excited to get them and I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing some of the results of cooking my way through these books with you!  Stay tuned (and hungry!)



*P.S. When I say “diet”, in this post and every post… I don’t mean “diet” as in, “I’m on a diet to lose weight, etc.”… “Diet” for me means a way of eating, a way of life, and not a quick fix or something that will end or change after a given period of time.  Clear? Crystal? Good.

Where have I been, you ask? Or: Another numbered list.

I have been a seriously absentee blogger, and I apologize for that.  Lots has happened, and I’m about to give you a quick run down to fill you in.  Some seriously important, some not so important, but you’re gonna get it all.  Ready?  Hold on to your seat.

1)  I lightened my hair a little bit… only about two levels (to a 7, from a 5, to be exact – those of you in the hair industry will get what I’m saying).  Just barely noticeable to the naked eye… in fact, I didn’t get many comments on it, which is exactly what I was going for.  I had just earned a pretty good tan when I decided to make the change, which is, I’m guessing, why not many people noticed… it simply looks as though my hair lightened in the sun while my skin was getting bronzed.  I left the area closest to the scalp and some of the underneath/back a bit darker to look more natural, and though it was a little weird at first (I’m sooooo conservative with my own haircolor – shocking, I know, coming from one who has shaved her head and sported a mohawk for a while now), I’ve grown to love it in a little over two weeks.  In other hair-related news, I’ve decided to just texturize it myself from here on out, and attempt growing it out… again.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

Subtle, no?

2) I have hardly been wearing any makeup and I freaking love it.  Day to day, if I have to go anywhere, I’ll do with just a light dusting of Bare Minerals, a swipe of mascara, and a pretty pop of color on my lips.  Most days it’s nothing, though.  I’m SO excited about this.  I credit this to my religious regimen of Arcona, which has been keeping my skin clear without fail, and which I talked about first in this post.  (Probably has to do a bit with my tan, too.)

3) I found a natural deodorant I like, for now.  Back in April, I switched from my hardcore, clinical-strength antiperspirant to an all natural, powder deodorant called LifeStinks.  It worked well enough but about a month ago, I started experiencing a bit of burning pit-irritation (awesome, right?)… which led me to endless researching of other brands of natural deodorant, and even to research some natural deodorant recipes that I could make myself.  I knowwww, I’m a crazy hippy.  We’ve been over this, people.

What? I have to keep it in the fridge!

THIS is the recipe that I tried (pictured above), which works well enough in the smell department (seriously! no smells!), but still gives me a bit of irritation, which is a major bummer.  For now, I’ve resorted to using a natural deodorant that I read about online, and found on the shelf at Whole Foods, a brand called Jason (I got the soothing aloe vera one, since my pits needed a little TLC). [EDIT: Jason was just not cutting it, people… multiple applications a day and still stinky?  No thanks.  I made a well-worth-it splurge on Lavanila, sold at Sephora or online, which got rave reviews from my bestie and life advisor… it’s amazing and you all should go buy it immediately.  I personally love the Vanilla Coconut scent, which is slightly sweet but fades with wear.)

4) I figured out what the HUGE ominous bug lingering around my patio was (pictured above): a mud-dauber.  EEK!  I caught it mid-progress building a little mud-hut for  its larvae on the side of our patio table, which immediately prompted a google image search to figure it out… bleeeughhhh, even the word larvae grosses me out to no end.  Anyway, once it had flown off, Tim and I decided to dismantle its larva-pot and let me tell you: I WISH I HAD TAKEN A PICTURE, just to gross you all out.  Little green wormies spilled everywhere, which we promptly swept up and launched over the balcony railing.  A little part of me felt sad for the mommy mud-dauber, who would come back to find her nest and babies destroyed… especially after reading that the species, though it looks menacing enough, is not aggressive and will rarely sting a human.  :(

The chicken pictured here is not free-range… and this’ll be the last time you see it atop any salad of mine.

5) I came to a conclusion about my diet the way I want to eat.  Last week, while Tim was out of town, I holed myself up in the apartment for a few rainy days to watch a zillion documentaries on netflix that I knew he wouldn’t want to watch with me (clearly, I am awesome).  I ended up wide-eyed, watching a few that horrified me or at least grossed me out enough and made me feel terrible as an animal lover that I was supporting factory farming and the awful conditions these animals must endure for much of their miserable lives, most of them diseased and pumped full of chemicals, before being slaughtered and served up as dinner.  Living on a 90% Paleo diet myself, I was fraught with guilt and faced with a serious decision: to go veg or not to go veg?  Since this is not a fitness/diet blog per se, and since I have written extensively about it on my primarily fitness/health-centered tumblr, if you’re interested, feel free to read more about my week trying vegan and incorporating grains back into my diet over there.  If you’re not interested in the details, here’s the short version: I’ve decided NOT to fully abandon Paleo, as it is the way of eating my body responds to best (in my opinion)… but that I am DEFINITELY going to be more mindful of where my meat is coming from, eat less of it, and focus on a plant-based diet.  With a little help from a new cookbook (I couldn’t resist), I’m excited to make my veggies a bit more exciting.  Like I said, check out the long version of the story on tumblr.

6) Tim and I have been spending more time enjoying ourselves and less time stressing out.  We are so blessed to live in a place so beautiful – it is an absolute crime not to make time to enjoy it.  So we’ve been making a real effort to do so during his time at home… and it has been amazing.

7) I decided, I think, that I might want to have a baby.  Someday.  I have no idea what prompted this “flipping of a switch” so to speak… from almost absolutely 99.9999% decided on my contentedness to never bear children, my somewhat annoyance with children and consequently, their parents… to… yep, I could find out I was preg tomorrow and be not only okay with it, but also, pretty pumped.  Is this completely weird?!  Before anyone gets their panties in a twist about this – it’s not happening anytime soon.  I’ve still got the Mirena in and have no plans to have it removed anytime soon, until we are absolutely positive we’re ready for whatever might happen.  I guess I just started thinking about my own childhood, how great my parents were with my sister and I, what an amazing life I’ve had and how much my parents loved (and still love!) me, talking to Tim about his childhood and growing up, the fun things about our childhood that we remember and cherish, the things our parents taught us and the relationship we have with our families… sigh.  It just made me a little sad to think that one day we might be old and wrinkly and never have shared life with a child.  And then of course I thought about what an amazing dad Tim would be, and how there is no one in the world I’d rather have a baby with.  AAAH, OKAY STOP.  Not happening right now, but it’s kind of funny how we’ve talked about it and we’re both on the same page… which is something that has changed for both of us (both having not wanted children or not being sure before).  We’re growing up!  (P.S. Plus, how cute would that little bugger be?)

8) AAAnd, last (I think) but not least, I got a job.  I’ve been doing hair here at home, as planned, but my handful of clients can hardly qualify it as a full-time job, and I was starting to get bored, and sad, and just all-around down about what I’m doing with my life and even moreso, what I’m not doing.  I’ve been struggling, as you’re aware, with the idea of departing fully from my “hairstylist” identity, but it’s getting easier as I realize more and more that I just need to do what makes me happy – it’s that simple.  Anymore, my day to day consists of putting a great deal of focus on my health and well-being, my nutrition and my fitness… it’s extremely interesting to me, I enjoy doing it, and it keeps me busy, particularly while Tim is traveling.  A few months ago, I was recruited to apply for a job as an educator at Lululemon Athletica, but couldn’t even consider it, expecting my unpredictable schedule with Aquage would make it virtually impossible to accept even a part-time position.  I can’t say that I immediately thought of Lululemon when I left Aquage… the truth goes probably a little more something like this: a month passed and I was getting bored and depressed and feeling useless and basically just wanting something to do with my brain!  THAT is when I remembered Lululemon.  How awesome does arriving to work in yoga pants, a sports bra, and flip-flops sound (among a zillion other perks)?  I’m in.  I called, I submitted an application, I interviewed (twice), and… they liked me.  I start in a few months, which is perfect… just after our vacation with Tim’s family to North Carolina.


I’m mostly looking forward to this job… to get my mojo back.  To get out there again.  To try new types of exercise (advanced yoga? pilates? climbing?).  To be involved in something that feels good!  And to explore a new realm of possibility… already my wheels are turning.  What might this become?

I. feel. so. good.

Hope everyone else has been doing as awesome.  :)