What to Eat?

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 – The majority of your carbohydrates should be low sugar vegetables that are raw or lightly cooked. Incorporate good sources of protein into your diet: Incorporate good sources of fat into your diet:
 – Include two or three fresh, whole fruits (not juice) each day.  – Grass-fed beef  – Nuts and seeds
 – Occasionally, include starchy carbs (whole grains, breads, potatoes, brown rice, etc…)  – Organic, free-range poultry  – Raw, cold-pressed oils from nuts and seeds (Note: These oils are in dark containers and refrigerated. Avoid the oils in clear plastic bottles on the grocery store shelf.)
 – Try to keep the calorie intake of the starchy carbs to less than 15% of your diet.  – Whole, raw or cultured dairy products  – Cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil
 – Select organic products whenever possible.  – Organic lamb  – Saturated fats from healthy sources
 – Organic, free-range eggs  – Butter and other raw dairy fats
 – Low-toxicity seafood  – Raw, organic coconut oil
Avoid: Avoid: Avoid:
 – Refined/processed carbohydrates, including all sugar/white flour products.  – Soy  – Hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated fats
 –  Farmed seafood  – Highly processed vegetable oils
 – Pasteurized, homogenized milk  – Trans fatty acids
 – Fried foods

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