What is Heyday Yoga?
Created by Erin Frazee, RYT, Heyday Yoga is the kind of yoga everyone needs – a mindfulness-based practice to cultivate awareness in the present moment and to let go of everything else. Heyday Yoga is about creating a life of genuine joy through realizing that we are much more than our titles, positions, accomplishments, relationships… and that our true Self is multidimensional and unbounded: pure awareness, pure potential, pure bliss.
Heyday Yoga promotes a life of balance and integration, using holistic methods such as nutrition, fitness, rest, and stress-coping mind-body strategies to create a healthy, vibrant life of fulfillment… your heyday!
What type of yoga are we talking about?
All of Erin’s classes incorporate integrative themes to take your practice beyond the mat.  Her asana teaching styles include the following:
  • Powerful Slow Flow (Hatha): Don’t be fooled by the word “slow”, you’ll still be sweating just minutes into this Hatha class, which will guide you through moderate-level poses at a slower pace to ensure proper spinal alignment, to improve strength and stamina, and to cultivate a more mindful practice.  Expect grounding standing poses, restorative hip-openers, simple stress-relieving meditation, and deep rest… Part yoga, part spa treatment! Don’t you deserve a little extra TLC? All levels welcome.
  • Yin-Yang Fusion: A steadying evening class that includes a balance of both active and passive postures.  Beginning with slow-flow asana and working into yin postures for deeper ligament work, and finally ending with more restorative postures, pranayam, and meditation.  A powerful way to wind-down after a long day and to welcome your evening with peace. 
  • Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy: Practiced one-on-one, this therapeutic practice is more hands-on for the teacher and more passive for the student, who is gently guided (without effort) through asanas of four attitudes (supine, prone, side-lying, and seated), and experiences a deeply therapeutic state of relaxation and an elevated state of consciousness.  Thai Yoga is an excellent complement to your asana practice, and perfect for those new to yoga or limited in some way. Read more about Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy here.
  • Private Practice: Ever wondered what having your yoga teacher’s undivided attention would be like? Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes of asana, or just yearning to get more out of your practice, having private sessions is definitely the way to take your practice to the next level.  Fill out a contact form here to find out more.
Where can I find Heyday Yoga?
Check out Erin’s schedule here.
Sign me up! 
Interested in taking a class or signing up for a private session?  Fill out a contact form here.

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